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See why thousands of companies use actiTIME to track time and manage their work scope

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What is actiTIME?

actiTIME is a solution that provides a convenient way to manage project scope, assign tasks, track time and analyze your business performance based on the collected data.

Who needs actiTIME?

actiTIME helps thousands of companies – from startups, non-profits and family businesses to Fortune 500 organizations – in their daily operations.

  • If you deliver services of any kind, actiTIME will help you report billable time to customers and track non-productive hours.
  • Companies with field and remote workers use actiTIME to manage teams and establish transparent processes.
  • Organizations looking to improve staff productivity get detailed data on how their teams are performing.
  • And for those companies who rely on the R&D tax credit, time tracker makes it a lot easier to collect the relevant data and submit your application.
  • Companies with hourly-paid workers and contractors benefit from simplified record keeping and pay calculations.

How your company will benefit from using actiTIME

Benefits of actiTIME time tracker benefits for regular users
Regular Users
  • Understand how much time you spend on day-to-day tasks
  • Improve personal productivity
  • Know how you are paid, including overtime and leave time
Benefits of actiTIME time tracker benefits for team managers
Team Managers
  • Understand how the workload is distributed across projects
  • Get full visibility into your team’s performance
  • Deliver projects on time and budget
  • Improve efficiency and streamline your workflow based on collected data
Benefits of actiTIME time tracker for accounting managers
Accounting Managers
  • Simplify payroll calculation
  • Make sure that no billable hours slip through the cracks
  • Improve the billing and invoicing process
Benefits of actiTIME time tracker benefits for business owners
Business Owners
  • Identify cost drivers and see how costs and revenues stack up
  • Have a complete picture of the past and current business activities
  • Accelerate business growth with data-driven insight

Why actiTIME?

It adapts to your workflow
No need to stick to the default settings. In just a few clicks, you can configure our time tracker to suit your needs and hide the features you don’t want to use.
It is constantly updated
To build a better experience for our users, we constantly improve our product with regular updates that add new features requested by our clients and optimize performance.
It is available both online & on-premise
It’s up to you: feel free to choose the installation option that best suits your requirements.
It is secure
We host your data safely in the cloud via Amazon data centers. Data is backed up daily and is protected by advanced security procedures.
It provides flexible pricing options
You can subscribe for any period, from 1 month to one year, saving more with a longer subscription and adding users as your team grows.
It offers great support
We are always happy to advise you on the product, answer your questions and assist with setup.

Award-Winning Time Tracking & Project Management

Gartner 2018
FrontRunners Award
actiTIME has been recognized as a top 20 project management solution out of 730 total contenders in Gartner’s 2018 Frontrunners report.
GetApp Category Leader
Winter 2019
actiTIME has been named a leader in the Time Tracking & Expenses category of GetApp’s latest rankings showcase, with top marks awarded for user reviews, security and support.
Tracking time in actiTIME
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