actiTIME Timesheet Mobile

Mobile application for keeping track of work hours on the smartphone

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actiTIME iPhone app requires iOS 7.0+

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

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actiTIME Android app requires
Android 2.3.3+

Work Offline & Sync Data Later

With actiTIME Mobile app you can work offline for as long as you need. Internet connection is required only for synchronizing data with actiTIME server.

Just remember, your data will appear in actiTIME only after you sync it over WiFi or mobile network connection.

During synchronization the application will receive your updated timesheet together with a list of customers and projects you are working on.

What is actiTIME Timesheet Mobile?

actiTIME Timesheet Mobile is a FREE mobile application for iPhone and Android. With actiTIME Mobile you can track your time expenses whether you are at the meeting, on business trip, or in your office if you just find it more convenient.

Mobile application does not replace actiTIME itself. It is client software that integrates with your corporate actiTIME and transfers timesheet data and interface to your mobile phone.

After your first synchronization with actiTIME you will be able to work with the app offline until the next sync.

Main Features


You can start tracking time by pressing "Start" button in your mobile application. The timer will continue working even if you switch to another application or turn the phone off. After it stops, you will be able to define what task the time was counted for.

Enter Time & Comments

With actiTIME Mobile app you can enter your time in the same way as you usually do it in actiTIME. You will be able to add comments to each time entry and submit leave time.

Create tasks directly on the mobile phone

Right as you need you will be able to create tasks on your iPhone and associate them with Customer/Project they belong to.

Getting Started

To use actiTIME Timesheet Mobile iPhone or Android you should have an active user account within your actiTIME installation.If you don't have an actiTIME account, you will be able to set up actiTIME online trial account right from your mobile application.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ page or contact us at