Best Time Tracking Apps for Android

Time tracking systems allow tracking time spent on work both at the desk and on the go. As an addition to desktop applications, they often offer mobile apps for field workers and mobile employees. Time-tracking apps for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms can work as timesheets, clock-in/out apps, location trackers, etc.

When choosing time-tracking software for your team, review mobile apps of different tools. Knowing that trying out dozens of them is tedious and time-consuming, we’ve reviewed the best timesheet apps for Android and prepared a comprehensive chart to make your decision easier. Hope you find it helpful!

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actiTIME Mobile app for Android is an easy and lightweight tool for tracking work and leave hours. Log time manually or with a timer, manage tasks, and review your results.
Chrometa mobile app allows you to log time manually or with a stopwatch, and sync phone calls to be automatically counted as billable time.
ClickTime mobile timesheet helps regular employees log their time and managers review and approve timesheets, stay on budget, and ensure compliance.
Clockspot mobile app is an easy and lightweight tool for automatic time tracking. It also allows clocking in and tracks employees' GPS location.
DeskTime mobile app can be used to get a remote view of the office, fill in online time gaps, inform colleagues if you're running late, and run productivity reports.
eBillity Time Tracker mobile app allows to add and edit time logs. Admins can later review and approve them. Its advanced version also includes billing functionality and integrates with QuickBooks.
With Harvest mobile app, you can track time, record expenses, manage invoices, and analyze your projects.
Hubstaff's mobile app is designed for mobile teams. It allows to track work and commute time, manage attendance, and run reports.
Jibble mobile app is designed to be used for punching in/ out, collecting team activity logs, and tacking time.
ManicTime's timesheet app for Android is a great way to track time for remote employees and office workers. It allows to log time spent on various tasks manually and with a stopwatch, transfer calls to the server, and send phone usage data to the server.
MinuteDock mobile app allows users to record time spent on work manually or with a timer, add and edit past entries, and scroll through the history of time logs.
OfficeMA Timesheet allows you to track time you spend on different tasks with a timer. All data is synced with the web account.
OfficeTimer is a simple and clear mobile app for tracking time and expenses. It also allows to manage time approvals.
PCLOGGER app for Android allows you to track time for your tasks and projects on the go and review results.
primaERP mobile app helps you track time on the go, clock in and out, see billing data, and easily organize teamwork.
Punchtime mobile app automatically logs employees' time. Providing an automated time-tracking procedure, it helps eliminate inaccuracies in timesheet data.
RescueTime mobile app tracks your activity on the Android device, allows to log your call time, blocks distractions, and shows where your time goes in colorful reports.
SCREENish is a work and activity tracker. It allows tracking time for projects, monitors activity, records used programs, and takes screenshots on users' devices.
Spica is a mobile time-tracker app for My Hours system. It allows to track time spent on tasks, add start and finish hours, organize your work.
Tick mobile app allows you to track your time, browse your results, and get budget feedback after each time entry to see whether you hit the budget.
Timble mobile app is a simple task list with timers for tracking time on the go. All data is synced with the web application.
Time Clock Wizard timesheet app is designed to track time and expenses, monitor employees' locations, and manage schedules. The app also allows to manage reimbursements.
Time Doctor Mobile is an app for logging time while on the road. Managers can log in to see reports on their teams' time records.
With TimeCamp mobile app, you can track time, manage tasks, browse projects, and run detailed time-track reports.
Timeero time card app for Android is a time and attendance tracker. Log time, track GPS locations, and eliminate the problem of "buddy clock-in".
TimeLive mobile app allows to capture time against projects, tasks and activities on the go. The data synchronizes on all devices and web timesheet.
Track your billable time quickly and easily with TimeLog app. It allows you to track GPS location and supports access to your contacts from TimeLog Project, web-based system.
Timely timesheet app for Android allows to record time spent on specific activities, add notes and tags to them, and organize them in timelines.
With Timeneye mobile app, you can easily track time outside of the office. Start timers, edit your time entries, and never miss a minute.
Tmetric mobile app is designed for IT professionals and companies. You can track time for tasks, categorize time, create reports, and monitor your team online.
Toggl's time-tracking app for Android comes highly recommended in the Play Store. Use this time tracking app to log work hours, manage workflows and monitor your productivity.
TrackTime24 works as a time clock on smartphones and tablets. Clock in with QR codes and photos, and track GPS location.
Tsheets mobile app is designed for tracking time in the field or on the go, submit time off, and manage shift work.
WebWork mobile app helps you track time while being away from desk. With its minimalist interface, the app is clear and easy to use.
WorkPoint mobile application allows you to fill out timesheets from anywhere, submit them for approval, and check compliance of your timesheet with your company's corporate rules.

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