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Part-Time Work,
Full Time

part time work
For many professionals looking to devote more time to their personal lives working part-time seems like the ideal scenario. But are part-time jobs really so perfect?
Read more September, 2016

America: The No-Vacation Nation

Unused paid time off
America: one of hardest working nations in the world. So hard-working, in fact, that in 2014 almost half of all employed Americans did not take a single day off. Scary stuff, right? Read on to learn more.
Read more August, 2016

Calling in Well: A Look into Leave
Time Tracking Trends

leave time tracking trends
A day off just because the weather is gorgeous? Why not! Get an insight into latest trends in leave management. Read our study across over 400 companies and learn some interesting facts.
Read more July, 2016

What If I Waste
Too Much Time on
Tracking Time?

When time tracking takes too much time
To anyone who still believes that tracking time is a time-consuming exercise. We know how to make it simple. What about you?
Read more July, 2016

Run for Important:
Building Up
a Billion-Worth

Covey’s time management matrix
Do you hate urgent tasks? If not, you should! They are stealing your time and energy, but never let you succeed. Find out how to break the pattern and focus on what is really important.
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I’ll Do it Tomorrow:

Understanding procrastination
Procrastination – a fancy word for laziness or something far more complex than that? Scientists have different opinions on the subject, but they all agree: if you want to beat it, it’s going to take some work.
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Work Hard, Pay Hard:
Does this Apply to
New U. S. Overtime

Overtime tracking software
Workers are celebrating the new rules. Meanwhile, businesses are not so happy doing the overtime math. Here’s how to prepare for the change.
Read more June, 2016

How To Stop Worrying and
Start Time Tracking

How to start time tracking
Are your employees unhappy with the idea of tracking time? You bet they are, simply because they see it as yet another burden. Learn how to win them over!
Read more May, 2016

Time-Tracking Software:
A Brief Guide

how to choose time-tracking software
What are you doing with your most valuable asset? Here's what you need to know about tracking time, if you are hungry for success.
Read more May, 2016

A Tough Call:
Agree To Be Spied on...
or Get Fired

Employee Time-Tracking App
A prisoner's bracelet. That's what former Intermex employee compared her mobile tracking app to. Many workers would support her. With a wide adoption of technologies, we can see privacy in the workplace is becoming an issue...
Read more May, 2016

Time-Tracking for

time-tracking tool for nonprofits
Feeding homeless and fighting global warming — what do they have in common? In two words, it is accountability to funders that is required from non-profit organizations. Learn how time-trackers can help non-profits get things done.
Read more May, 2016