actiTIME December Sale

Our limited-time December Sale offer is up for grabs between November 30 and December 2.

During these 3 days, you can treat yourself to a generous 30% DISCOUNT for any actiTIME purchase.

What Can You Use It for?

Cloud time tracker actiTIME Online

Cloud time tracker – actiTIME Online:

  • Purchase a new license (+ get a free data upload to your account)
  • Switch from a free version to a paid one
On-premise time tracker actiTIME Self-Hosted

On-premises time tracker – actiTIME Self-Hosted:

  • Buy a new license
  • Upgrade an old product version
Smart Absence Management System actiPLANS

Absence management system – actiPLANS:

  • Make a new purchase
  • Switch to a paid license

How to Get Your 30% Discount

То learn how to apply your discount to an actiPLANS purchase, click here.

Where to Look for Prices?

You can find all the info about regular product prices here.

Check out actiTIME pricing

To calculate the special rate, just select a preferable actiTIME license, choose the number of users and subtract 30% from the final cost.

In case you have any questions or doubts left, feel free to contact us at

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