Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose actiTIME?

actiTIME is an affordable time-tracking system with rich functionality.

Besides basic time-tracking, time offs and sick leaves registration, with its help you can calculate projects' costs, issue invoices, make project assignments, set task estimates, run detailed reports, and much more.

Furthermore, actiTIME is an easy-to-use and setup application. With 100% intuitive and user-friendly interfaces your colleagues won't need any training to start using actiTIME.

How can I try actiTIME before purchasing?

You may use one of two options to try actiTIME for free:

Package Parameters 30-DAY Online trial Small Team Edition
Installation Option hosted downloadable
Number of Users unlimited 5 user accounts
Basic Features Yes icon Yes icon
Pro Features
Yes icon No icon
All packages come with ready-to-use demo data to help you see how actiTIME works. When you are ready to enter your own data in the product, remove demo data by selecting the 'Clean Up Demo Data' option in the Help menu.
What package of actiTIME do I need to choose?

You can choose between two package options – actiTIME Online or Downloadable.

actiTIME Online is hosted on our server, so you won't need to go through the installation process and think about further upgrades. All the maintenance work is performed by our engineers. Moreover, this package option includes all available actiTIME features that cover most management and accounting needs.

actiTIME Downloadable is installed on your local machine or corporate server, and this will allow you to run the software behind your own firewall and get direct access to the database. This package option comes as Basic or Pro edition. actiTIME Basic covers only basic time-tracking functionality, while Pro edition provides more advanced management and accounting features.

Compare Hosted with Downloadable

How many users and tasks can actiTIME handle?

The number of Customers, Projects, Tasks, and Users that you can create in actiTIME is not limited.