Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers on most popular questions about actiTIME

Can I export data from actiTIME to external programs?

You can export data from actiTIME in CSV format and then make all the necessary modifications in MS Excel, for example.

Can I make any modifications to the software?

actiTIME is not an open source software. Any source code modifications are prohibited by the License Agreement.

How can I connect to actiTIME database?

Please note that this procedure will demand technical competence from your side. And in this case all the changes made to actiTIME database are at your own risk.

1. You will find the connection parameters in the following directions:

For Auto-installation package:

<actiTIME dir>\actitime.config

For Custom installation:

<actitime installation dir>\WEB-INF\classes\com\actimind\

There you'll have DBUser, DBPassword, DBUrl. Also you'll find MySQL port, host and database name there, which is stored in the following format:


2. The root password for MySQL DB is located in:

<actitime dir>\database\MySQL\data\data.ptc

It is stored there in the following form:<7 characters><password><11 characters>

Important note: Don't forget to back up your database before editing it. The changes made to the database can damage your data and, consequently, the work of the application in general.

How can I move actiTIME from one computer to another?

To move actiTIME from one computer to another please follow the steps:

  1. Back up actiTIME database on the old server.
  2. Install actiTIME on the new machine.
  3. Restore the database backup to the new actiTIME installation.

You will find backup and restore instructions for your installation package in our Administration Guide.

If you want to migrate and upgrade your actiTIME at once, then here is the instruction:

  1. Upgrade your actiTIME on the machine where it's installed.
  2. Back up actiTIME database.
  3. Install the upgraded actiTIME on the new server.
  4. Restore the database backup to the new actiTIME installation.
How can I back up actiTIME data?

Our engineers perform automatic daily backups for actiTIME Online users.

If you are user of actiTIME Downloadable, then actiTIME backups are in your hands. You will find the detailed backup instructions for your installation package and database type in the Administration Guide.