Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I install the program?

There are two deployment options for actiTIME:

  1. You can install actiTIME on your local machine or corporate server behind firewall, and get direct access to the database. actiTIME can be installed on Windows platform or Unix-like systems.

  2. We can host actiTIME for you on our server. You will save time and resources by leaving to us all installation and maintenance work.

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What kind of software and hardware do I need for running actiTIME?

actiTIME Online users will only need one of the supported browsers, while users of actiTIME Downloadable should follow the minimum hardware requirements as well:

Hardware: Intel Pentium II 800Mhz with RAM of 256Mb or better
Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge

Other requirements will depend on the installation package you choose:

How secure is actiTIME and where does my data reside?

When you host actiTIME on our server, the database is stored in our secure data center. We protect your actiTIME by firewall and make daily backups of your time-tracking data. Access to your actiTIME installation will be secured with encrypted communication channel and corresponding security certificates.

When you download and install actiTIME on your side, all information is stored on the computer where actiTIME is installed, behind its firewall. You can configure actiTIME Custom installation package to work via HTTPS as well.

What is the best way to start working with actiTIME?

Follow these simple steps to quickly start working with actiTIME:

  1. Configure General Settings: customize hierarchy levels, look through all the available checkboxes.

  2. Create Customers, Projects & Tasks your users will work on.

  3. Create User Accounts and grant them the necessary permissions.

  4. Make your user feel comfortable with actiTIME, assign projects to them and add Tasks to their Enter Time-Track.

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How do my colleagues access actiTIME from their computers?

For actiTIME Online users:

Create user accounts for your colleagues and send them invitations to actiTIME. You can do that in the Users interface or directly from the Help menu. Your team members will receive emails with the activation link. Username and password can be set up during the first login.

For actiTIME Downloadable user:

You install actiTIME on one computer that operates as a server, and other users get access to actiTIME from their computers via a web browser. After you create user accounts, you should provide the team with the correct URL (1) to actiTIME login page and their login details. It's also important that the server machine is open for access from outside (2) .

(1) Right URL

It should have the following format:

http://ServerIP/ or http://computer name/, where

ServerIP – is the IP of the computer where actiTIME is installed. Computer name – is the name of the computer where actiTIME is installed.

(2) Access from outside
  1. The computer where actiTIME is installed should be turned on
  2. It should have static IP
  3. The Firewall settings on this computer should allow remote access
I can't log in to actiTIME. What should I do?

If you happen to forget your password you may request a new password by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login screen.

What if I need to delete a user and their time-track info from actiTIME?

Usually it is enough to disable user access to actiTIME. Users with disabled access are not counted by the license, but their time-track can still be included in the reports for the past dates.

If disabling is not enough, and you need to remove a user from the system completely, you should manually delete all user's time-track data. When it is done, Delete User button will become active in the Edit User Settings interface.