Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do you release new versions?  Is there a free upgrade?

We release major product versions (actiTIME 2016, 2017, etc.) for both actiTIME Online and Downloadable every year.

actiTIME Online

Additionally, new functionality will be added to actiTIME Online throughout the year in accordance with the roadmap.

At this, account upgrades will be totally free and implemented automatically.

actiTIME Downloadable

Interim versions of actiTIME Downloadable (actiTIME 2016.1, actiTIME 2016.2, etc.) are released once or twice a year in accordance with the roadmap. These minor upgrades are free for the users who have major actiTIME version of the same year.

While to upgrade from one major version to the other (e.g. from actiTIME 2016 to actiTIME 2017) you will have to pay an upgrade fee.

Literally, you buy a license for actiTIME that already includes all the coming features for the year, and then renew it to get the next year functionality.

How do I upgrade actiTIME to its latest version?

If you are a user of actiTIME Online, then you won't need to think how to upgrade your actiTIME installation. As soon as the new product version is released you will be notified about the upgrade hours, and our engineers will make it for you.

If you are a user of actiTIME Downloadable, then you should perform actiTIME upgrade on your own. Please review your upgrade options.

Will my data stay safe during the upgrade?

Although we have done our best to ensure the safety of your data through the installation and upgrade it is practically not possible to guarantee that these procedures are 100% risk-free.

To mitigate possible risks and avoid data loss, we recommend you to back up existing database before upgrading. Here you may find necessary instructions.

Will I be able to downgrade actiTIME after installing it over my previous version?

After installing actiTIME over your previous version of the product you will not be able to downgrade it. Also you will not be able to roll back to actiTIME Basic from actiTIME Pro.

I've purchased additional functionality. How can I activate it in my actiTIME?

The process of adding new functionality to your actiTIME is similar to the upgrade. You should follow the link you'll receive by email to download the installation package:

For Auto-installation: download the latest actiTIME version and run the installation file. To complete the upgrade procedure you should follow the upgrade wizard steps.

For Custom-installation: See detailed instructions in the Administration Guide.

How can I change the number of active user licenses?

You can increase the number of user accounts directly from your actiTIME.

actiTIME Online:
Settings Licenses Settings Request license extension for additional users

actiTIME Downloadable:
Settings Licenses Settings Purchase and Upgrade