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actiTIME means...

Track Time with Pleasure
Let your team track time in
a convenient, friendly-looking timesheet at the desk or on the go.
Dozens of Reports in One click
Powerful actiTIME reporting tool allows you to gather time and billing data in a number of custom reports.
Accurate Client Billing & Invoicing
Locking time-track once a timesheet is approved will make the invoicing
100% accurate.
Helpful Email Reminders
Automated notifications will remind users about unfilled timetrack, deadlines and worked out task estimate.
Easy Ways to Stay Within a Budget
Assess cost of the performed work for a particular project and customer or of one job type across multiple projects.
Effective Tools for Work Management
Task deadlines and estimates will
help your team stick to the plan
and deliver results on time.

Enter Time with Comments

You will track time with pleasure when you do it with actiTIME:

  • Nice-looking and user-friendly interface
  • Weekly timesheet that lets you enter data quickly and clearly
  • Tracking time for future days

Add comments for a particular task to share it with managers and co-workers. If you are a team leader, you will be able to enter or correct the time track on behalf of your colleagues.

Edit time-track comments
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Time-Track Approvals

Implementing the time-track approval process is easy with actiTIME. When the time-track for a week is complete, users mark it as “Ready for Approval”. Approvers assigned to the users will be able to review the users’ weekly timesheets and either approve or reject them individually or in bulk.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Time-Track Ready for Approval
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Locking Time from Modifications

Lock time track interface

Time Locking feature allows you to protect the reviewed time reports from modifications.

You can lock the timesheet individually for each user and for any period of time or for all users at once. Such protection is necessary:

  • After the review and approval of the timesheets for the wages calculation
  • Once the performed work was reported to a client or an accounting department
  • When the reported time was included into an invoice

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Leave Time Management

Register times off and sick leaves along with worked hours.

You can create as many leave types as you need: sick leave, family leave, vacation, study leave, etc.

In the Leave Time Report you will review how many hours have been spent on leaves and get totals on the planned leaves for the future. Also, you can set hourly rates for each leave type and find out how much this leave costs your business.

Leave time window
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This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Over & Undertime Management

Overtime and Undertime picture
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Monitor the work load of your team and control paid times off.

There are automatic and manual modes of overtime calculations. You can choose the mode and define cost of overtime individually for each user.

A detailed picture of the overwork hours of your team can be received with the Overtime Report.

Mobile Timesheet for iPhone and Android

With the actiTIME Mobile app you can access your timesheet anywhere and accurately track working hours on the go - whether you are at the meeting, on a business trip, or working on the client side.

You will benefit from using its built-in stopwatch and working offline until you have Internet connection to sync the app with your web timesheet.

actiTIME Mobile Timesheet for iPhone requires iOS 7.0+

actiTIME Mobile Timesheet for Android requires Android 2.3.3+

iPhone screenshots

Powerful Reporting: Overview

Keep up-to-date on your overall business progress with powerful actiTIME reports.

Use HTML, CSV, PDF (invoices only) or the printed format to review your team perfor- mance, analyze project costs, issue invoices and a lot more.

Create informative charts on the gathered data to review it in the most convenient and visual way.

With a number of built-in grouping and filtering options it will take just a few seconds to customize the report or chart structure and view the data in as much detail as you need.

To help you save time and organize internal communications actiTIME also allows you to pull out the most frequent report or chart in one click, and share the report configuration with your colleagues.

Create Report drop-down
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Staff Performance Report

The report provides an outlook on the team performance. Run it to see how much work has been completed by each team member within the selected period of time. Review the information on leave time taken by employees. Specify projects and customers to generate the report on.

Dates Time
John Maria
Total Working Time: 19:00 12:00 7:00
October 13 5:00 2:00 3:00
October 14 10:006:00 4:00
October 15 4:004:00 -

User Hours by Dates

You can group time-track data by dates and generate a report showing individual performance within the required period of time.

Projects Time
John Maria
Total Working Time: 40:00 30:00 10:00
Web Site Project 20:00 15:00 5:00
Intranet Project 7:00 5:00 2:00
Technology Research 13:00 10:00 3:00

User Hours by Projects

You can group the data by Projects and see how much time was delivered for each project by each member of your team.

Customers / Projects Time
John Maria
Total Working Time: 35:00 25:00 10:00
Engineering Agency20:00 10:00 10:00
Web Site Project 8:00 3:00 5:00
Technology Research 12:00 7:00 5:00
Legislative Agency15:00 15:00 -
Intranet Project 8:00 8:00 -
Server Maintenance 7:00 7:00 -

User Hours by Customers, Projects & Tasks

You may use two grouping levels together to structure your report data in a most convenient way. Grouping can be made by such attributes as: Dates, Customers, Projects, Tasks and Types of Work.

Staff Performance Report
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Overtime Report

The report provides you with the information on overtime/undertime and overall leave time reported by actiTIME users within the selected date range. It will help you see the variance between overtime reported by the users and calculated by the system.

Generate a chart to see the total overtime hours for selected users.

Users               Overtime / Undertime Total Reported Time
Reported by User Auto-Calculated Working time Leave time
Total: 0:30 2:30 25:00 1:30
John Smith - 2:30 10:30 -
Peter Crown 0:30 2:00 8:30 1.30
Maria Brown - -2:00 6:00 -

Overtime by Users

When grouping the report by users you will be able to check their overtime hours and compare manually reported overtime with auto-calculated values.

Overtime donut chart by days

Overtime donut chart by days

Group the report data by dates to see daily overtime hours performed by the team. Generate a report or review the data in the graphic way of a chart.

Example of a Chart on Overtime Hours
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Leave Time & Balances Report

This report provides you with the information about the leave time reported for the selected leave types by actiTIME users. Review how many hours have been spent on different leave types as well as get totals on the leaves planned by the team for the future.

With the help of the Leave Time Report you can also see the information on users’ PTO & Sick Days balances calculated for the selected date range.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Months / Users Time
Vacation Studies
Total: 344:00 56:00 264:00 24:00
November 160:00 56:00 80:00 24:00
John Smith 68:00 56:00 - 12:00
Peter Crown 92:00 - 80:00 12:00
December 184:00 - 184:00 -
John Smith 120:00 - 120:00 -
Maria Brown 64:00 - 64:00 -

Total Leave Time per Months and Users

You can group report data by months and get total monthly values calculated for different leave types.

If you include upcoming months into the report you will also see leave time planned for the future. For example, you can find out who is going to go on vacation and when.

Users / Dates Time
Vacation Studies
Total: 15:00 5:00 8:00 2:00
Peter Crown 5:00 3:00 - 2:00
October 12 2:00 - - 2:00
October 13 3:00 3:00 - -
John Smith 10:00 2:00 8:00 -
October 13 2:00 2:00 - -
October 14 8:00 - 8:00 -

Leave Time by Users

Review the detailed information on leaves taken by each of your team members: group the report by users and break it down by dates.

Users PTO Balance as of Sick Days Balance as of
Jan 01, 16 (days) Jan 31, 16 (days) Jan 01, 16 (days) Jan 31, 16 (days)
Total: 17.11 25.2 6.31 8
Barber, Robert 12 12 4 2
Gibson, Maurice 12 6 5.5 5
Kloss, Barbara -6.89 7.2 -3.19 1

PTO & Sick Days Balances by Users

Check the current balance of PTO and sick days to see what amount of paid time is available to each team member.

Example of a Chart on Leave time hours
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Time-Track In Detail Report

Analyze employees’ performance within a specific project in the finest level of detail. Review historical data at three different levels and check out user comments all in one report.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Detailed Analysis of Work Performed for Customers

You can use three grouping levels of Time-Track In Detail report to get a detailed picture of the work performed by your team for a particular customer and project. You will see tasks that users spent their time on along with the comments provided to their time reports.

Customers / Projects / Tasks Billing
Date User Spent Comments
Total Working Time: 15:00
Engineering Agency15:00
Web Site Project 15:00
Logo design Design October 13 Maria 5:00 Logo is ready
Flash movie Programming October 13 John 4:00 bugs # 110-112
Flash movie Programming October 14 John 6:00 bugs # 113-118

Work Details by Users

If you group report data by users and then by dates you will be able to review users' work and analyze individual performance with the finest level of details.

Users / Dates / Customers Project Task Billing
Spent Comments
Total Working Time: 13:00
Maria 13:00
October 12 8:00
Engineering Agency Web Site Project Logo design Design 7:00 Sketches # 3 and 4
Engineering Agency Web Site Project Logo review Meeting 1:00 We've chosen sketch # 2
October 13 5:00
Engineering Agency Web Site Project Logo design Design 5:00 Logo is ready

Data Export

Time-Track In Detail report can also be used for exporting raw data in CSV format for further analysis in other applications. You can configure the format that better suits your needs and select customers and projects you want to be included in CSV export.

Customer Project Task Billing
Date User Spent Comments
Engineering Agency Web Site Project Logo design Design October 13 Maria5:00 Logo is ready
Technology Research Web Site Project IE Plug-in Research October 13 John7:00 -
Legislative Agency Intranet Project Testing QA October 14 Peter4:30 5 bugs found
Time-Track in Detail Report
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Personal Time-Track Report

Get individual daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports from your team, and put your signature on the approved reports for payroll.

With this report, an employee gets an overview of their personal time-track info in a summarized or detailed form for a certain period of time. All time data can be displayed as graphical charts in the same interface.

Time managers can also generate personal time-track reports for users assigned to them.

View Time-Track
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Estimated vs. Actual Time Report

Run this report on the completed tasks and compare your estimates with the actual work performed. Use this data to make your time budgeting more accurate.

By comparing estimates with actual time spent for non-completed tasks you will see the general work progress on a particular task, project or customer.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Projects / Tasks Spent
mh %
Time Total: 64:00 65:00 1:00 1.5%
Web Site Project 40:00 35:00 -5:00 -14.3%
Logo design 20:00 25:00 5:00 20.0%
HTML coding 20:00 10:00 -10:00 -100.0%
Intranet Project 24:00 30:00 6:00 20%
Mail form programming 20:00 25:00 5:00 20.0%
Code testing 4:00 5:00 1:00 20.0%

Estimates Quality for Already Completed Tasks

You can configure Estimated vs. Actual Time Report to analyze the difference between estimated and actual amount of time that was required to complete a particular task or project. This will help you correct your expectations about uncompleted work.

Open Tasks Remaining Work Projection

By grouping the report data by projects and running it only for not completed tasks you will be able to analyze current work status and assess approximate remaining work.

Customers / Projects Total Spent
Spent for Tasks
w/o Estimates
Estimated Tasks
Spent time Est. time
Time Total: 115:00 11:00 104:00 175:00
Engineering Agency 60:00 10:00 50:00 85:00
Web Site Project 40:00 - 40:00 65:00
Technology Research 20:00 10:00 10:00 20:00
Legislative Agency 55:00 1:00 54:00 90:00
Intranet Project 24:00 - 24:00 30:00
Server Maintenance 31:00 1:00 30:00 60:00

Projects / Types of Work Spent
mh %
Time Total: 76:00 71:00 -5:00 -7.0%
Web Site Project 44:00 45:00 1:00 2.2%
Design 20:00 25:00 5:00 20%
Programming 20:00 10:00 -10:00 -100%
Quality Assurance 4:00 10:00 6:00 60%
Technology Research 32:00 26:00 -6:00 -23%
Programming 8:00 10:00 2:00 20%
Research 24:00 16:00 -8:00 -50%

Estimates by Types of Work

If you group data by types of work you will get a report that shows precision of your estimates for each particular type.

Example of an Estimated vs Actual Time Report
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Billing Summary Report

This report calculates billable amounts and revenue projections for different works. Calculations are based on billing rates associated with tasks.

You can configure this report to show data only for completed tasks or for all work performed within the selected time period.

Customers/Projects Total
Design Programming
Total: $100 $60 $40
Engineering Agency $50 $10 $40
Web Site Project $30 - $30
Technology Research $20 $10 $10
Legislative Agency $50 $50 -
Intranet Project $50 $50 -

Revenue by Project & Customer

You can run this report to calculate projected revenue for a particular customer or project. You will see values calculated for each type of work as well as total revenue for the project.

Billable Time and Amounts

You can generate report showing both: total spent time for the work and corresponding billing amount. With this report you can analyze your projected revenue by projects and each individual task.

Projects / Tasks Total
20.00 $/mh
10.00 $/mh
Spent Time Sum Spent Time Sum
Web Site Project 10:00 $140 4:00 $80 6:00 $60
Logo Design 4:00 $80 4:00 $80 - -
Flash Movie 3:00 $30 - - 3:00 $30
HTML Coding 3:00 $30 - - 3:00 $30

Dates Total
30.00 $/mh
20.00 $/mh
Total Billing Amount: $200 $130 $70
October 10 $20 $10 $10
October 11 $30 - $30
October 12 $20 $20 -
October 13 $50 $50 -
October 14 $80 $50 $30

Daily Revenue Values

You can choose Dates to be the first grouping level and review daily revenue values for the selected time period.

Billable amounts chart

Billable amounts chart

Create a chart on billable amounts, select a project to report on and group the chart by types of work.

Example of a Billing Summary Report
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Cost of Work Report

With this report you can find out an approximate cost of the performed work. Calculations are based on hourly user rates.

You can filter the data and assess costs for a particular project & customer or review costs by each team member including costs involved with overtime hours and leaves.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Control Project Cost

You can review cost of work along with user rates and entered time. See if you can minimize project costs by reassigning tasks in your team.

Projects / Tasks Total
John Maria
Spent Time
Spent Time
Web Site Project $200 5:00 $20 $100 5:00 $20 $100
Logo Design $60 2:00 $20 $40 1:00 $20 $20
Flash Movie $80 - - - 4:00 $20 $80
HTML Coding $60 3:00 $20 $60 - - -

Types of Work / Projects / Tasks Total
Maria John
Total Cost of Work: $2000 $1100 $900
Designing jobs $1500 $800 $700
Web Site Project $1500 $800 $700
Logo Design $700 $500 $200
Flash Movie $800 $300 $500
Non-Billable jobs jobs $500 $300 $200
Our Company Project $500 $300 $200
Logo Design $400 $200 $200
Flash Movie $100 $100 -

Costs by Job Type

Group report data by types of work and then by projects to research cost details of the performed work.

Projects or Leave Types Total
John Maria
Total Cost of Work: $2500 $1500 $1000
Total Cost for Projects jobs $2000 $1200 $800
Web Site Project $1500 $1200 $300
Technology Research $500 - $500
Total Cost for Leave Time $350 $300 $50
Sick Leave $50 - $50
Vacation $300 $300 -
Overtime Addition $150 - $150

Extra Costs Calculation

You can analyze additional costs by making paid leave time and overtime available in this report.

Cost of Work Chart

Cost of Work Chart

Create a chart to review the cost of work information in a graphic way. Group the chart by projects, types of work, users or other parameters to review the necessary data.

Cost of Work report
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Profit / Loss Report

Get a view on the financial results of work by calculating approximate profit / loss values.

Compare the amount that you charge your customer with the amount that you would pay your employees, based on the billing rates for tasks and the hourly cost of work rates for employees. Get the variance and see how your business is doing.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Customers Billable
Cost of
Total Amounts for Customers: $9000 $7000 $2000
Engineering Agency $5000 $3000 $2000
Legislative Agency $3000 $2000 $1000
Government $1000 $2000 -$1000

Income Projection

You can group data by Customers to compare costs of the performed work with billable amounts and see profit / loss values for the selected period of time (year, quarter, month, etc.).

Project Revenue

Use two grouping levels to analyze P/L values of the project. Review work cost and billable amounts along with time of the work performed and rates associated with this work.

Tasks Types of Work
Spent Time Billable Amount Cost of Work P/L
Engineering Agency
Web Site Project
30:00 $20 $600 $23.33 $700 -$100
Logo DesignDesign 10:00 $30 $300 $20 $200 $100
Flash MovieManagement 10:00 $20 $200 $30 $300 -$100
HTML CodingProgramming 10:00 $10 $100 $20 $200 -$100

Example of a Profit/Loss Report
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Easy Data Export

All reports you generate with actiTIME can be exported to a CSV file for further analysis creating graphs and charts with MS Excel. You can also use this file to import the time-track data to other software.

Edit Report Parameters for Staff Performance Report

If you use QuickBooks® for corporate finances you will benefit from the special QB Integrator for actiTIME that allows you to export the time-track data from actiTIME and import it into QuickBooks® in just a click.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Quickbooks integrator
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Swift Project & Task Creation

Project and task management is intuitive and quick in actiTIME. It will take less than a minute to:

  • Create a list of tasks for a new project
  • Import tasks from a CSV file
  • Add new tasks to some or all projects/customers at once
  • Copy projects and tasks from an existing customer to a new one
  • Move tasks with tracked time from one project to another

To save time, you can edit existing tasks and create new ones right from your time entry page.

Import Tasks Interface
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Task Estimates & Project Progress

Task estimates will help you deliver projects on time and improve your estimation techniques.

With this functionality you can analyze work progress for a particular task and see the variance between estimated time and real time spent by your team.

Email notifications will help you stay within the budget and notify you when the time reported for a particular job reaches the specified % of the estimate.

Generate Estimated vs Actual Time Report to get an overview of the task/project progress.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

View open task interface
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Work Analysis by Project

A number of reports will help you analyze the performed work by project and improve your team efficiency:

  • See how much project work has been completed by each team member within a week/month in Staff Performance Report and increase their productivity. Generate charts to review the total working hours in a visual way.
  • Find out the cost of various work activities in the Cost of Work Report and see if the costs can be minimized within a particular project.
  • Get the detailed view of the project in the Time-Track In Detail Report and review the tasks that users spent their time on along with their comments.
  • Compare your estimates with the work performed by projects in the Estimated vs. Actual Time Report and control the deadlines.

Read more on these and other reports in the Powerful Reporting section.

Some of these reports are available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition only.

Example of a Staff Performance Report
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Cost of Work Calculation

actiTIME will help accountants with company internal calculations, that is cost of work performed by each employee. Simply define hourly cost of work rates for regular working hours, overtime and leave time and review cost values in the Cost of Work Report.

You can filter and group data differently to see cost of the work done for a particular project, customer or one job type across multiple projects.

Costs can also be compared with revenues calculated on the basis of work rates in the Profit/Loss Report.

Create charts to review the cost of work by users or departments in a visual way. Group the chart by customers or projects to find out which projects take up most of the team’s resources.

Read more about the Cost of Work and Profit/Loss reports in the Powerful Reporting section.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Edit Cost of Work Rates
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Project Revenue Review

actiTIME allows you to sum up work time and billable amounts for your clients.

Within the system you can create both non-billable and billable tasks, and accompany each billable task with an hourly billing rate (‘Type of Work’).

Having this set up, you will preview the income for a particular customer as well as analyze revenue by projects and each individual task using Billing Summary Report.

You can also compare revenues with costs calculated on the basis of user rates in the Profit / Loss Report.

actiTIME charts can also help you review the billable amounts in a visual way. Group the chart by customers or projects to see which one brings the most income.

Read more about the Billing Summary and Profit/Loss reports in the Powerful Reporting section.

The Profit/Loss Report is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro editions only.

Edit Types of Work
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Editable PDF Invoices

With actiTIME you will create 100% accurate invoices for your clients. Invoice data will be calculated on the base of billable information entered in the system and presented in PDF format.

Moreover, the invoices are fully editable. It will be possible to:

  • Add a corporate logo and an address to your invoice
  • Specify how to group the invoice data
  • Add items and comments
  • Provide payment instructions
  • Include taxes and discounts

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Invoice Report
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Integration with QuickBooks®

If you use QuickBooks® for corporate finances you will benefit from the special QB Integrator for actiTIME that allows you to export the time-track data from actiTIME and import it into QuickBooks in just a click.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

QuickBooks integrator interface
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Support of Paid Time Off Balances

With actiTIME you will always keep user paid time off and sick days balances up-to-date. The application provides a number of automatic and manual rules to make the whole process of accruing and spending PTO days clear and simple.

actiTIME supports both paid time off and sick days balances, which you can find convenient if your company uses two separate banks for these types of leaves.

PTO Balance

You will be able to set a frequency of accruals, schedule resets and define overdraw limits with ease. Manual correction will help you set hard value, increase or decrease employees' balances whenever you need.

Even if your company has unique PTO and Sick Days accrual rules, a special coefficient setting for leave types will help you get an accurate PTO calculation.

PTO Settings

The Paid Time-Off Balance History gives a clear view of all changes applied to paid time-off balance. Managers will be able to see PTO balance history for every employee right in the User list. This will help you manage leave time requests in a more efficient way.

All data for each employee can be exported to PDF format for further analysis and statistics.

With the help of Leave Time & Balances report you can find out how many hours your employees spent on different leave types and what their PTO & Sick Leave balance is. Informative chart displays the users’ PTO balance in the graphic form.

View Screenshots (2 images)

This feature is available within actiTIME Pro and actiTIME Online.

Email Notifications: Time-Track Control

The email notifications will help you control the time reporting process, deadlines and task estimates. Remind users to fill out their time track and notify the managers when the users forget to track their time. Warn users about the upcoming or already missed deadlines.

Use flexible rules to adjust the settings to your business needs.

Report on unsubmitted time-track

Email Notifications: Work Management

Automated email notifications will help you inform users about important changes in the system:

  • Notify users when the time reported for a particular job reaches specified % of the estimate
  • Report on changes in the project assignments: users will get the email notification when the list of projects assigned to them is changed
Report on the changes in project assignments

Email Notifications: Budget Control

You will have additional control over work costs and project budget:

  • Alert to overrun project budget: inform users when the project cost exceeds the budget

    Notification of overrun project budget
  • Notify managers of employees' earnings: the authorized users will receive a list of employees whose cost of work reaches some pre-defined value

    Notification of personal earnings

Email notifications are available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Inviting Multiple Users

When getting started with the new time-tracking software, many users need to be invited to the system. To speed up this process, you can invite several users at once. Adding new users won’t take a long time as minimum information needs to be input: just first name, last name and email to send an invitation.

Invite Several Users


With a number of permissions you will easily define your team's access to such sensitive information as users' terms of employment, corporate billing and cost information, project profitability, hours tracked by another team, etc.

Preset permissions templates allow you to define user roles in actiTIME, such as regular users, team managers, accountants and system administrator.

By creating your own templates you can configure custom user roles. We suggest that you grant the following permissions when setting up user roles in actiTIME:

Regular Users

  • Enter Time-Track
  • Manage Tasks (optional)

Accounting Managers

Team Managers

  • Modify Data of Other Users
  • Generate Time Reports
  • Manage Customers, Projects, Tasks

System Administrator

  • Manage Accounts & Permissions
  • Manage System Settings
User List interface
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User Work Assignments

actiTIME allows you to assign projects to users and teams. It will give you control over what your team is currently working on, as well as restrict their access to the projects not assigned to them.

You can allow project managers to review all projects data for all users while the team will have access only to the projects they work on.

A project can be assigned to a group of people at once, while editing project parameters, and individually to each user when managing user accounts.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Edit Project Information

User Groups

Join users into departments, locations, teams or any other groups that you find necessary for your reporting and managerial purposes. As a result, your work with actiTIME will become more efficient in many aspects.

It won't take much time to group employees in a simple and intuitive interface. A manager with the 'Manage Users' permission will be able to move a user to one of the groups in a few clicks or by using the classic drag-and-drop.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online and actiTIME Pro edition.

Manage User groups

Week-Based Work Schedule

In addition to the system-wide work schedule settings, you can now set up an individual schedule for every system user for each day of the working week. It will help you make the overtime calculation more accurate and provide better coloring of a user work calendar.

Personal schedules will have a start date and history of changes. So, you will be able to make changes in user schedules whenever you need and it won’t affect already existing timesheet data.

Personal work schedule
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Time Zone Groups

In addition to support of the default time zone, actiTIME allows you to configure time zone groups for your teams.

This feature is useful for companies with offices located in different time zones around the world. Your employees won't ever face the issue with inability of entering their time-track when the day hasn't yet started in another part of the globe.

Grouping of employees by time zones is helpful when you need to collect and summarize data on the activities of specific offices. Reporting functionality allows data grouping by time zone groups to analyze performance of your local teams.

Edit User Interface
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Hosted vs. Downloadable

actiTIME offers two installation options to meet any requirements. You can either download actiTIME on your local machine, or take advantage of our hosting service.

Here is a brief description of what you get with each option:

Hosted Downloadable
Online version provides all available product functionality.

Downloadable version comes as Basic or PRO edition.

actiTIME Basic edition provides only basic time-tracking features.

actiTIME PRO edition includes all available product features.

Our engineers will make daily backups of your database. You are supposed to make regular daily backups by yourself.

For the Online version new features come out monthly.

Account upgrades are totally free and automatic.

You download and install all upgrade packages by yourself.

Major Upgrade: New product versions are released every year (e.g. actiTIME 2015, actiTIME 2016, etc.). To have them installed users of actiTIME Downloadable need to pay an upgrade fee.

Minor Upgrade: New features are added to the major version once or twice a year. Upgrade is FREE if you run actiTIME with the same major version number.

Compare Hosted with Downloadable PDF (60 Kb)

Customizable Interfaces

actiTIME offers a number of tools to customize the product to your needs:

Customizable system features

This feature allows you to turn on and off some functionality in your actiTIME. This will either add new controls, interfaces and reports or hide them from the system. When hidden your data doesn't disappear, it just becomes temporarily unavailable while the feature is disabled.

Customizable features interface

Custom 3-level hierarchy to organize your time track data

Time-Track hierarchy levels drop-downs

By default these hierarchy levels are:

  • Customer (Top grouping level)
  • Project (Middle grouping level)
  • Task (Time Entry level)

You can rename each level or choose a name from the pre-configured options.

Corporate Colors & Logo to tune up your actiTIME

Color scheme drop-down

You can choose color of actiTIME interfaces and upload your corporate logo on them.

actiTIME provides nine different color schemes to match your corporate style.

Week-Based Schedule for every system user

Default work schedule

actiTIME users can define corporate-wide and personal weekly schedules.

Personal schedules will have a start date and history of changes

Currency signs to use for money amounts and rates

Currency Settings

You can choose one of the currency signs pre-set in actiTIME or create your custom one.

The chosen currency sign will be shown in Cost & Billing reports and actiTIME Invoices.

Integration with actiPLANS

actiTIME offers smooth and seamless integration with actiPLANS – a leave time planning tool.

Thanks to its 100% user-friendly interfaces and powerful features actiPLANS will help you and your team eliminate excessive emails when requesting/approving time off and streamline the entire leave time management process.

When you integrate actiTIME with actiPLANS, the time off requests approved in actiPLANS are automatically booked in actiTIME. User accounts, leave types and groups are also shared between the two systems.

My Schedule Interface and Mobile Interface

The key features of actiPLANS are:

  • Leave Requests Management

    Employees can easily request time off electronically specifying leave duration and type, and managers will be able to approve, reject or delete the request in one click.

  • Overview of Available Resources

    Get the full picture of available resources, view the information about current and upcoming leaves and see who is in the office with the interactive absence chart.

  • Calculation of PTO & Sick Days Balances

    Calculate and keep users’ paid time off and sick days balances up to date with automated PTO accruals, balance resets and manual adjustments.

  • Email Notifications

    Email notifications will let you stay alert on any changes in the corporate schedule. Managers will know exactly when their assigned users request a leave, while employees will be updated on the status of their leave request.

  • actiPLANS mobile app for iPhone & Android

    Inform your colleagues when you are running late or leaving early and check who is out of office from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet. Stay in touch without distracting phone calls.

Being integrated, these software tools help you with the time management workflow, covering most planning and schedule control needs.

This feature is available within actiTIME Online.