Flexible Timesheet Configuration

See how you can benefit from using actiTIME

Online vs. Self-Hosted Timesheet

actiTIME offers two installation options to meet any requirements. You can either download actiTIME on your local machine, or take advantage of our online service. Here is a brief description of what you get with each option:

actiTIME Online


Our engineers will make daily backups of your database.


For the Online version new features come out monthly. Account upgrades are totally free and automatic.

actiTIME Self-Hosted


You are supposed to make regular daily backups by yourself.


You download and install all upgrade packages by yourself.

Major Upgrade
New product versions are released every year (e.g. actiTIME 2015, actiTIME 2016, etc.). To have them installed users of actiTIME Downloadable need to pay an upgrade fee.

Minor Upgrade
New features are added to the major version once or twice a year. Upgrade is FREE if you run actiTIME with the same major version number.

pdf iconCompare Online with Self-Hosted PDF (256KB)

Customizable Interfaces

actiTIME offers a number of tools to customize the product to your needs:

Customizable System Features

This feature allows you to turn on and off some functionality in your actiTIME. This will either add new controls, interfaces and reports or hide them from the system. When hidden your data doesn't disappear, it just becomes temporarily unavailable while the feature is disabled.

turn features on/off in timesheet

Custom 3-level Hierarchy

to organize your time-track data

By default these hierarchy levels are:

Customer Top grouping level
hierarchy iconProject Middle grouping level
hierarchy iconTask Time entry level

You can rename each level or choose a name from the pre-configured options.

Corporate Colors & Logo

to tune up your actiTIME

You can choose color of your actiTIME interfaces and upload your corporate logo on them.

actiTIME provides nine different color schemes to match your corporate style.

hierarchy in timesheet software
color scheme in timesheet

Week-Based Schedule

for every system user

actiTIME users can define corporate-wide and personal weekly schedules.

Personal schedules will have a start date and history of changes.

Currency Signs to Use

for money amounts and rates

You can choose one of the currency signs pre-set in actiTIME or create your custom one.

The chosen currency will be shown in Cost & Billing reports and actiTIME Invoices.

work schedule in timesheet
currency in timesheet