Leave Time Tracking

Register time off and sick leaves along with worked hours.

You can create as many leave types as you need: sick leave, family leave, vacation, studies, etc.

In the Leave Time Report you can review how many hours have been spent on leaves and get totals on the planned leaves for the future. Also, you can set up hourly rates for each leave type and find out how much a particular leave costs your business.

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PTO Tracking

With actiTIME you will always keep user paid time off and sick days balances up-to-date. The application provides a number of both manual and automatic options to make the whole process of accruing and spending PTO clear and simple.

actiTIME supports both paid time off and sick days balances, which you can find convenient if your company uses two separate banks for these types of leaves.

You can set up the frequency of leave time accruals and define the maximum balance with ease. With manual correction you can set a hard value, increase or decrease an employee’s balance whenever you need.

Even if your company has unique PTO and Sick Days accrual rules, a special coefficient setting for leave types will help you get an accurate PTO calculation.

The Paid Time-Off Balance History gives a clear view of all changes in a paid time-off balance. Managers will be able to see PTO balance history for every employee right in the User list. This will help you manage leave time requests in a more efficient way.

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Integration with actiPLANS

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integration with actiPLANS

actiTIME offers smooth and seamless integration with actiPLANS – a leave time management tool.

Thanks to its 100% user-friendly interface and powerful features actiPLANS will help you and your team eliminate excessive emails when requesting/approving time off and streamline the entire leave time management process.

When you integrate actiTIME with actiPLANS, the time off requests approved in actiPLANS are automatically booked in actiTIME. User accounts, leave types and groups are also shared between the two applications.