Powerful Time & Billing Reports

See how you can benefit from using actiTIME
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Overview of Time & Billing Reports

  • Keep up-to-date on your overall business progress with powerful actiTIME reports.
  • Use HTML, CSV, PDF or the printed format to review your team performance, analyze project costs, issue invoices and a lot more.
  • Create informative charts on the gathered data to review it in the most convenient and visual way.
  • With a number of built-in grouping and filtering options it will take just a few seconds to customize the report or chart structure and view the data in as much detail as you need.
  • To help you save time and organize internal communications, actiTIME also allows you to pull up the most frequent report or chart in one click, and share the report configuration with your colleagues.

Time Reports

staff performance in timesheet software

Review Team Performance

Staff Performance report provides a concise summary of the employee performance. Run it to see each team member’s progress within the selected time range. Review the information on leave time taken by employees. Specify projects and customers to generate the report on.

Review Time Balances and Calculate Overtime

With the Time Balance & Overtime report you can see the difference between the employees’ scheduled work hours and what they actually reported for the time period. The report can also help you compare the overtime hours reported manually by users vs. calculated automatically by the system. Generate a chart to see the total overtime hours for selected users.

Leave Time & Balances Report

This report provides you with the information on leave time reported by actiTIME users. Review how many hours have been taken for each leave type and get totals on the leaves planned by the team for the future.

The Leave Time Report also displays PTO & Sick Days balances for each employee: either current or for the specified date.

Time-Track In Detail Report

Analyze employees’ performance on a specific project in the finest level of detail. Review historical data at three different levels and check out user comments all in one report.

Personal Time Report

Get individual weekly or monthly reports from your team, and put your signature on the approved reports for payroll..

With the help of this report an employee will get an overview of their personal time-track info in a summarized or detailed form for a certain period of time.

Estimated vs. Actual Time Report

Run this report on the completed tasks and compare your estimates with the actual work performed. Use this data to make your time budgeting more accurate.

Compare estimates with actual time spent for non-completed tasks, and you will see the general work progress on a particular task, project or customer.

Billing Reports

billing summary report

Billing Summary Report

This report calculates billable amounts and revenue projections for different works. Calculations are based on billing rates associated with tasks.

You can configure this report to show data only for completed tasks or for all work performed within the selected date range.

Cost of Work Report

With this report you can find out the approximate cost of the performed work. Calculations are based on users’ hourly rates.

You can filter the data and assess the costs for a particular project & customer or review costs by each team member including costs associated with overtime hours and leaves.

Profit and Loss Analysis

Get a view on the financial results of your work by calculating approximate profit / loss values.

Compare the amount that you charge your customer with the amount that you would pay your employees, based on the billing rates for tasks and the hourly cost of work rates for employees. Get the variance and see how your business is doing.

Easy Data Export

All reports you generate with actiTIME can be exported to a CSV file for further analysis, creating graphs and charts with MS Excel. You can also use this file to import the time-track data to other software.

csv export in timesheet software