Project & Task Management

See how you can benefit from using actiTIME

Swift Project & Task Creation

Project and task management is intuitive and quick in actiTIME. It will take less than a minute to:

  • Create a list of tasks for a new project
  • Import tasks from a CSV file
  • Add new tasks to some or all projects/customers at once
  • Copy projects and tasks from an existing customer to a new one
  • Move tasks with tracked time from one project to another

To save time, you can edit existing tasks and create new ones right from your time entry page.

import task to timesheet software
new task in timesheet software
new customer in timesheet software
edit task in timesheet software
edit task in timesheet software
estimated vs actual time report
estimated vs actual report

Task Estimation & Project Tracking

Task estimates will help you deliver projects on time and improve your estimation techniques.

With this functionality you can analyze work progress for a particular task and see the variance between estimated time and real time spent by your team.

Email notifications will help you stay within the budget and notify you when the time reported for a particular job reaches the specified % of the estimate.

Generate Estimated vs Actual Time Report to get an overview of the task/project progress.

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Work Analysis by Project

A number of reports will help you analyze the performed work by project and improve your team efficiency:
  • See how much project work has been completed by each team member within a week/month in Staff Performance Report and increase their productivity. Generate charts to review the total working hours in a visual way.
  • Find out the cost of various work activities in the Cost of Work Report and see if the costs can be minimized within a particular project.
  • Get the detailed view of the project in the Time-Track In Detail Report and review the tasks that users spent their time on along with their comments.

info icon Online & Pro feature

info icon Online & Pro feature

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