Project Cost & Client Billing

See how you can benefit from using actiTIME

Cost of Work Calculation

actiTIME will help you with internal calculations, such as the cost of work performed by each employee. Simply define hourly cost of work rates for regular working hours, overtime and leave time and review cost values in the Cost of Work Report.

You can filter and group data differently to see cost of the work performed on a particular project, customer or one job type across multCiple projects.

Costs can also be compared with revenues calculated on the basis of work rates with the help of the Profit/Loss Report.

Create charts to review the cost of work by users or departments in a visual way. Group the data in your chart by customers or projects to find out which projects take up most of the team’s resources.

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Read more in the Powerful Time & Billing Reports section.

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Project Revenue Review

actiTIME allows you to sum up work time and billable amounts for your clients.

Within the system you can create both non-billable and billable tasks, and accompany each billable task with an hourly billing rate (‘Type of Work’).

Having this set up, you will preview the income for a particular customer as well as analyze revenue by projects and each individual task using Billing Summary Report.

You can also compare revenues with costs calculated on the basis of user rates in the Profit / Loss Report.

actiTIME charts can also help you review the billable amounts in a visual way. Group the chart by customers or projects to see which one brings the most income.

Read more about the Billing Summary and Profit/Loss reports in the Powerful Reporting section.

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Editable PDF Invoices

With actiTIME you will create 100% accurate invoices for your clients. Invoice data will be calculated on the base of billable information entered in the system and presented in PDF format.

Moreover, the invoices are fully editable. It will be possible to:

  • Add a corporate logo and an address to your invoice
  • Specify how to group the invoice data
  • Add items and comments
  • Provide payment instructions
  • Include taxes and discounts

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Integration with QuickBooks®

If you use QuickBooks® for corporate finances you will benefit from the special QB Integrator for actiTIME that allows you to export the time-track data from actiTIME and import it into QuickBooks in just a click.

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