Inviting Multiple Users

When getting started with the new time-tracking software, many users need to be invited to the system. To speed up this process, you can invite several users at once. Adding new users won’t take a long time as minimum information needs to be input: just first name, last name and email to send an invitation.

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With a number of permissions you will easily define your team's access to such sensitive information as users' terms of employment, corporate billing and cost information, project profitability, hours tracked by another team, etc.

Preset permissions templates allow you to define user roles in actiTIME, such as regular users, team managers, accountants and system administrator.

By creating your own templates you can configure custom user roles. We suggest that you grant the following permissions when setting up user roles in actiTIME:

Regular Users

  • Enter time-track
  • Manage tasks (optional)

Accounting Managers

  • Generate Billing Reports
  • Manage System Settings

Team Managers

  • Modify Data of Other Users
  • Generate Time Reports
  • Manage Customers, Projects, Tasks

System Administrator

  • Manage Accounts & Permissions
  • Manage System Settings

User Work Assignments

actiTIME allows you to assign projects to users and teams. It will give you control over what your team is currently working on, as well as restrict their access to the projects not assigned to them.

You can allow project managers to review all projects data for all users while the team will have access only to the projects they work on.

A project can be assigned to a group of people at once, while editing project parameters, and individually to each user when managing user accounts.

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User Groups

Join users into departments, locations, teams or any other groups that you find necessary for your reporting and managerial purposes. As a result, your work with actiTIME will become more efficient in many aspects.

It won't take much time to group employees in a simple and intuitive interface. A manager with the 'Manage Users' permission will be able to move a user to one of the groups in a few clicks or by using the classic drag-and-drop.

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Week-Based Work Schedule

In addition to the system-wide work schedule settings, you can now set up an individual schedule for every system user for each day of the working week. It will help you make the overtime calculation more accurate and provide better coloring of a user work calendar.

Personal schedules will have a start date and history of changes. So, you will be able to make changes in user schedules whenever you need and it won’t affect already existing timesheet data.

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Time Zone Groups

In addition to support of the default time zone, actiTIME allows you to configure time zone groups for your teams.

This feature is useful for companies with offices located in different time zones around the world. Your employees won't ever face the issue with inability of entering their time-track when the day hasn't yet started in another part of the globe.

Grouping of employees by time zones is helpful when you need to collect and summarize data on the activities of specific offices. Reporting functionality allows data grouping by time zone groups to analyze performance of your local teams.