Free time tracking software for freelancers

When you do freelance work, your time is easily your most valuable resource.
And actiTIME will help you make sure that not a single minute of it goes unbilled. At no cost.


Great features.
Unbeatable price.

With the free version of actiTIME you get access to the core features
of our time tracking system right now, forever.

Improved Billing

Improved Billing

Assign billable rates to your tasks or activities to make sure that you are paid for every minute of your work time correctly and improve profitability.

Simple Time Tracking

Time tracking doesn’t have to be a pain! With actiTIME you can track your billable hours in a weekly timesheet online, or use a free mobile app.

Simple Time Tracking
Valuable Reporting

Valuable Reporting

Get a good overview of your time expenses and analyze your productivity on specific clients or projects with actiTIME reports.

Easy Invoicing

Forget about wasting your time with Word. With actiTIME you can easily build simple and great looking PDF invoices in seconds!

Easy Invoicing
Better Client Relationships

Better Client Relationships

Build work relationships based on transparency and trust by sharing your reports with your clients and letting them know exactly what they’re paying you for.

Take your time tracking to the next level with free add-ons

Start using our free package right now and get access to the following perks:

Awesome mobile app for tracking time on the go

mobile time tracking

Integration with QuickBooks

timesheet for QuickBooks

Why choose actiTIME?

Great features and support that that you can’t get anywhere else for free.

Best Value
Unlike other time tracking tools, the free version of actiTIME offers a greater number of available features.
Absolutely Free, Forever
That’s right. If you’re a freelancer or a team of up to 3 people, you can start using actiTIME right now and it will not cost you anything.
Upgrade as You Go
If you grow beyond three people, you can always add more users to your actiTIME by upgrading to a bigger package.
Regular Updates
Our free users get the same treatment as our paying customers. Which means your actiTIME will get regular free updates that add more features and improve performance.
Data Security
With advanced security measures and daily backups your data is safe with us. actiTIME values your privacy and complies with all relevant legislation.
Great Support
Free or not, our support team is always happy to answer any of your questions, and help you make sure that you’re getting the most out of your actiTIME.

As a freelancer or an independent consultant, tracking your billable hours should
be an essential component of your work day.

And with the free version of actiTIME, you can get a better understanding of your
personal productivity and increase your profitability right now.

Get actiTIME For Free

(please be sure to select the 3-user package to get the free version)