Life of a WFH Employee: 18 Hilarious Memes


Work from home (WFH) is an entirely new circumstance for millions of employees nowadays, and many become frustrated striving to manage this unfamiliar fashion of living and working. But regardless of how tough life in the present-day world of social isolation may get, there are always opportunities to keep your spirit high, and one of them is right in front of your eyes!

Have a good laugh and forget about the pandemic dread for a little while with our list of 18 hilarious remote work memes that perfectly apply to the life of every WFH employee.

Travel to Work

Commuting is one of the essential fragments in the day of almost every employed individual… or it was. When working from home, all you need to do to reach your workplace is stroll slowly from one part of the apartment to another:

However, if you have no inspiration to perform productively without the usual morning haste, rush-hour traffic jams and commuting routines, you can always improvise by all means available:

Online Meetings

Unless you’re an independent entrepreneur and work in the team of one, everyday communication with colleagues is an integral part of your professional reality. If so, you’ve probably had some video conferencing experiences when telecommuting at quarantine, and there are quite a few memes on the Internet you can relate to:


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Of course, your regular at-office conference sessions have nothing in common with online meetings during which you can be comfortably settled down in your bed and wear nothing but underwear or a sleeping attire while invisible to the eyes of the snooping teammates:


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In this case, a problem may arise only if your boss would really want to see you and ask to keep the camera on:


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WFH Looks

Continuing the theme of the remote work dress code, nothing prevents you now from trying out your dream looks and turning into a home-based office queen:


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Yet let’s be honest, most of us use quarantine as an excuse to stay away from social norms and be as sloppy and inattentive to own appearances as it’s even possible:


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Anyways, what’s more important than feeling comfortable in your own skin regardless of the occasion?

Constant Fight with Distractions

At the office, it is relatively easy to stay focused on tasks, but working from home, you frequently need to undertake enormous efforts to dodge from a multitude of distractions. In the life of every family person, these distractions usually have just one name – children:


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It’s an earnestly desire of every parent who works at home while surrounded by their kids to be as tranquil as a capybara amidst the flock of restless ducks:

However, when there is an important job to do and the deadline is near at hand, a rare human being will have enough patience to calmly deal with their little fidgets. Thus, particularly knackered parents are allowed to resort to extreme measures:

What If…?

Telecommuting has become mandatory during the coronavirus outbreak, and since you’re still reading this article, it’s a high chance that you’re among the lucky ones who continue to do their jobs from their hiding places:


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However, by far not every type of occupation can be transferred into the remote work mode. Even if they’d try, the sight would be majorly comical:


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Leave Time

At last, let’s talk about every worker’s favorite side of employment – time off. We believe that leave days are as important as work itself, and there’s nothing wrong in savoring an occasional short-term leave once in a while. But what about holidays? Sad but true, if you planned a vacation trip for spring this year, the closest you now can get to that long-awaited experience is probably going to look something like this:


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Well, let’s just hope everything will come back to normal very soon. But until then, stay home, stay safe and have fun browsing for WFH memes.

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