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actiTIME helps dozens of nonprofits to manage time, projects and volunteers in the most efficient way.
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What You’re Getting

Powerful time tracking and project management software for nonprofits with a robust set of features and accessible pricing.

Smarter Accountability
Offer complete transparency and show your donors exactly how their funds are being used with a quick actiTIME report.
Increased Funding
actiTIME provides you with a detailed insight into your time expenses, which can be critical when you need to request additional funding.
Easier Audits
Pass any audits quickly, by having an accurate record of your employees’ activity readily available to you in actiTIME.
Superior Budgeting
actiTIME helps you get a handle on your labor costs, so you can prepare a more balanced budget for your next project.
Improved Performance
Use actiTIME to see which projects are the most time- consuming for your team, and take steps to improve their productivity.
Better Grant Eligibility
Make sure your organization remains eligible for government grants by making easy time keeping a part of your routine with actiTIME.

What We’re Offering

A 50% discount on your initial subscription to actiTIME Online, plus the following perks:

Free Setup
Free Setup

Our support team will be happy to help you set up the product according to your specific needs.

Free Data Import
Free Data Import

We’ll import any of your old time data and users, and get you up and running in no time.

Free Updates and Support
Free Updates and Support

We’ll regularly update your actiTIME with new features and offer support at no additional cost.

Renewal Discounts
Renewal Discounts

As long as you’re nonprofit, all future license renewals are 20% off.

How to Get Your Discount

Sign up for a fully functional 30-day free online trial.
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actiTIME has been successfully helping dozens of nonprofit organizations of all sizes to keep track of their hours and expenses. Take a look at what other NPOs have to say about their experience with our software.

  • “Reliable and easy to use”

    Replacing our old time registration system with actiTIME was a great decision. Its reliability and ease of use make it an essential tool for cost allocation and budgeting.

  • “Very simple to set up”

    Once we completed a very simple set up process, our entire team could get on board and start using the app almost instantly. For its price actiTIME offers a very robust reporting functionality, which we find incredibly useful for organization budgeting and grant reports.

  • “Great way to see how our volunteers spend time”

    With actiTIME, our service missionaries and volunteers have a simple way to log their hours, while our supervisors have a powerful tool that allows them to easily review and assess their performance.

Tracking time in actiTIME

Time tracking is an essential component of any forward-thinking nonprofit organization.

And with a powerful and simple to use tool like actiTIME at your side, achieving your great goals will become that much easier. Try it now!

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