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Productivity Books

Productivity Books:
Fun, Challenging and Motivating

Feel stuck and want to get more? Wonder how those people on the news get that successful? Probably you need some science-backed advice on what to do. Here are productivity books that reveal the secrets of efficiency and happiness.

invoicing software

Best Invoicing Software
for Small Businesses

Small business owners know that invoicing is a really time-consuming activity. Thankfully, there are special tools that help non-accountants calculate payable amounts and issue invoices. So what is the best invoicing software for small companies?

Absence Management Tools

Organizing a Productive Work Environment with Absence Management Tools

Careful absence management is essential for a healthy work environment: it improves employees’ discipline, fights absenteeism and increases productivity. Here’s a list of special tools that help automate this process.

time-tracking Software for Linux

Time-Tracking Software for Linux:
Solutions for Teams and Individuals

It’s not always easy to find a tool for a Linux platform that could be easily installed and configured. So here’s our review of the best time-tracking software for Linux that teams and individuals can use to keep track of their time expenses.

tools for writers

Stay Tuned With Distraction-Blocking
Tools for Writers

Back then, it was much easier to concentrate: sit down at the typewriter, close the door behind you, and write. But now it’s possible too! Try out special tools for writers to block out all distractions and create a comfortable work environment.

how to avoid distractions

How to Avoid Distractions When
“Just Turn It Off” Doesn’t Work

You sit down at the computer and try to concentrate, but end up doing everything but the work. Social media, emails, friends that never fail to send you another funny video they’ve just stumbled upon… How to avoid distractions in that environment?

best to-do list apps

Best To-Do List Apps To Stop
Forgetting Things and Get Them Done

Forgot to call mom again? Still write lists on paper before grocery shopping? Swamped with work and barely remember your deadlines? Here’s a list of the best to-do list apps that will help you overcome forgetfulness.

free timesheet software

Free Timesheet Software:
Smart, Simple and Accurate

Looking for free timesheet software for keeping track of your time and billing your clients? Check out our collection of absolutely free tools for small companies, startups and freelancers.

best productivity blogs

Researching Happiness:
8 Really Helpful Productivity Blogs

How to stay happy while working hard? Does a successful career necessarily need sacrificing free time and healthy habits? In productivity blogs, scientists and writers suggest that everyone should find their own correct answers.

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