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Best Christmas Apps to Stay Organized
in the Holiday Rush Season

Christmas is a wonderful time, and we all love to bring some magic into our everyday life. But being a magician is not easy: shopping, decorating, preparing gifts and planning parties requires time and attention. Children and adults are waiting for wonders, so forgetting anything is not an option! That’s where Christmas apps can help – we’ve collected the best of them.

  1. 1. The Christmas List

    Shopping for Christmas sometimes turns into a nightmare: you have to remember all gifts, decorations for your home, and food for parties! The only option not to overlook anything is to put it on paper… or in an app. A paper list may seem to be a part of tradition, but you can easily lose it or accidentally throw it away (bet it happened to everyone at least once!).

    So why not organize all your shopping to-dos in a special app? The Christmas List not only keeps all your shopping lists in one place, but also allows you to track progress and set budgets. Track gifts by status: to buy, bought, shipping, received, and wrapped. Share your lists with friends, family, and anyone you’re planning your Christmas holidays with.

  2. 2. Giftster

    Giftster is a gift registry that connects family and close friends. Its members send their gift ideas into the app, and then various options are possible: private idea sharing (if you’re preparing a collective gift for a family member or mutual friend), involving Secret Santa into gift giving, or reserving gift ideas so that others don’t buy a similar gift. The app can also be used as a wish list: create your own list and share it with your friends or family members.

  3. 3. Gift Wrap App

    Wrapping is an important part of a gift, so we think about it thoroughly and try to find out new ideas and designs. But what if you’ve prepared a “digital” gift, like for example a voucher or a ticket? Gift Wrap App will help you prepare a proper decoration for it. With decorative paper and animated ribbons, it creates a realistic wrapping effect and makes your gift look just like a “real” one!

  4. 4. Moonpig

    Holiday cards are one of the hardest challenges: you like the picture but don’t like the text, you like the text but that glitter is ugly… Why not prepare your own card for Christmas? Choose a card, upload your own handwriting, and use photos from your smartphone or tablet camera to personalize the card. What’s more, the app allows creating reminders so that you never miss an important event.

  5. 5. Christmas Countdown

    Can’t wait for Christmas to come? Try Christmas Countdown! It has everything to get in the Christmas mood: beautiful themes and wallpapers, Christmas music, a new gift every day in December, and, of course, countdown of days and hours until Christmas. In the premium account, also two countdown widgets for homescreen are available, alongside with more music and extra themes.

  6. 6. Santa Video Call Free – North Pole Command Center

    So busy that you don’t even get in the holiday mood? That’s no problem: with this game app, you’ll feel the magic of approaching Christmas season: follow Santa on his journey around the world, call or message him, and see if you’ve been naughty or nice throughout the year – the app includes a special scanner that will check this against the North Pole Database!

  7. 7. Christmas Cake Recipes

    If your responsibility is baking cakes for a party, probably you’d look for some inspiration and new recipes. Then, this app is what you need! Instead of googling, just open the app and find the recipe you’ll love. If you don’t really enjoy cooking or don’t have enough time for it, find a quick and easy cake. And if you’re a pro, try out any of special recipes!

  8. 8. Christmas Songs

    Finding music for a holiday party is really time-consuming! And if your guests enjoy singing, you probably also need a songbook with chords and lyrics. Christmas Songs app might be of help then: it contains popular Christmas songs to listen and dynamically shown lyrics to sing along.

    Once you downloaded and installed the app, you don’t have to download any songs and lyrics separately, and you don’t even need an Internet connection, as all songs are already included in the app. With its nice graphics, the app is a favorite for both kids and adults.

  9. 9. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Just a calendar, with countdown, presents and music. Know exactly how far away Christmas is, discover new songs and books, and find gift ideas for friends and family. A simple app that will help you stay organized and create the holiday mood.

  10. 10. Snowball Fight

    It’s busy time, but why not take a break when you’re tired of shopping and preparing for a Christmas party? Play a fun game that we all love, and you even don’t need to go outside. You and your kids will love to play a snowball fight– even on a smartphone!

Know some nice and fun Christmas apps that are not listed here? Submit them at!