We all sometimes find it hard to stay productive when we have to tackle too many different tasks throughout the day. Finding ways to be more productive without getting exhausted is a problem that many office employees are facing these days.

Each of us has our own know-hows for being efficient, and the Internet is full of productivity articles, motivational quotes, and scientific research on the subject. There is no lack of advice for sure, but that’s the problem: reading it all can easily turn into another time-wasting activity. So in an effort to save you some time, we have collected some nice infographics that should help you stay motivated and stick to healthy work habits.

Follow simple tips that work for everyone

Let’s start with general recommendations on how to organize your day in the office and how to be more productive without overworking. There are several simple rules to follow that eliminate distractions, prevent tiredness, and help solve harder tasks.

how to be more productive in the office

Be a wise captain

For team managers, the need to control the entire work process, communications overload, and responsibility for the work environment in their team take productivity problems to a new level. So how can a captain lead the crew to achieving their goals while keeping them motivated and efficient?

manage your team

Don’t ignore common knowledge

Here is some fairly obvious advice on how to be more productive – and yet most of us tend to ignore it. Make sure to follow these simple tips to keep your work environment healthy and stay efficient.

stay efficient

Plan your weekend wisely

Monday has come around again… We all know that feeling: another week full of chores is almost here, and you don’t really feel that refreshed after the weekend. So what can be done to better prepare for the start of the new week and prevent exhaustion?

productive weekend

Try psychological tricks to increase your productivity…

The problem of long projects and large tasks is staying motivated the entire time we are working on them. Scientists recommend using psychological tricks to get the work done, even when you feel fed-up with it. Let’s take a look!

psychology of productivity

…and don’t overlook anti-productivity habits

We can develop healthy habits and an attitude necessary to get work done – but there are things that can reduce all that positive progress to zero. So what are our worst enemies at the workplace?

anti-productivity habits

Reclaim your mornings

“Not a morning person” could be quite an accurate description of most of us. But morning is precious time, so why waste it trying to kick yourself out of bed and get ready? There are habits and rituals that will help you stay focused and efficient in the morning.

how to be productive in the morning

Learn to manage your work time

Our time is valuable, so we should handle it carefully. Distribute your work time thoughtfully to get more done without getting stressed and overworked. That’s the way to being more productive, not more tired.

how to manage your work time

Use your breaks efficiently

We are taught to work in 45-, 60-, or 90-minute sprints with breaks between them. So what is the best way to make use of these breaks? There are some excellent science-backed tips on how to increase work efficiency by choosing the right activity for your rest periods.

make use of the breaks

In a busy work environment, it is not always easy to resist stress and distractions. You can print out these visual tips on how to be more productive and use them as motivational posters at work – or just read them and follow these recommendations to stay focused and productive every day.