9 Free Project Management Software for Small Teams


For startups and small businesses, it’s crucial to start using special project management tools early on. However, the price of most tools is barely affordable for a new business. Good news is that a tool with all necessary functionality can be cost-efficient! We’ve prepared a list of free project management software tools that are great to start working on your projects with.

1. actiTIME

Key features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Flexible setup
  • Powerful reporting
  • Billing & Payroll

actiTIME is a work management and time-tracking app for teams of any size. Simple and intuitive, it allows project managers to distribute teams by projects, keep an eye their progress, and quickly identify any problem areas.

A robust reporting system provides valuable insights into the team’s time expenses and associated projects costs, and allows managers to get a quick summary of billable running on any specific project or client.

The tool is available as both a cloud solution and a self-hosted package. The basic free plan is available for teams of up three users, which makes it a great starting option for smaller teams.

One of the greatest features actiTIME offers is the customizable reporting. We can generate virtually any report we need, grouped in different ways and only for the people assigned to each project.


Go for actiTIME! It’s simple, but also very powerful!

You won’t regret the decision. The software + support combination makes actiTIME the best tracking solution in the market.

2. GanttProject

Key features:

  • Gantt chart structure
  • Resource management
  • Project collaboration

This free app allows users to organize their work structure and manage projects in an easy and visual way. Create tasks and break work down in a hierarchical tree, set deadlines, priorities and milestones, and create dependency constraints between tasks.

You can also set up profiles for system users with basic contact information, pay rates and roles, assign tasks to them and monitor their workload.

GanttProject allows users to export data in multiple different formats and supports Windows, OSX and Linux.

3. Orchard Collaboration

Key features:

  • Ticket management
  • Robust integration options

Orchard Collaboration is a free and open-source ticketing, project management and collaboration tool aimed at website development and content management teams.

It allows users to plan projects and control their progress, create tickets and issues per project, and invite customers to projects. The system integrates with GIT and SVN servers, as well as with other third-party services, so you can optimize your project management workflow even further.

4. Teamweek

Key features:

  • Visual interface
  • Project planning
  • Project scheduling

This tool’s primary focus is to help visualize the process of project management and make planning as easy as possible. It allows you to create project roadmaps, get an overview of your long-term plans, and see your team’s current progress.

You can also set up team timelines, schedule and plan work for the near future and for longer periods ahead, and share any relevant information with your team. Teamweek is available as a free tool with limited functionality for teams of five, but you can always upgrade to a premium plan when your team grows or needs to access the premium features.

5. Hubbion

Key features:

  • Calendar view
  • Task planning
  • File sharing

Hubbion is a free project management and collaboration tool for small teams. It provides basic functionality for task management, and offers managers the ability to assign work to employees for easier collaboration.

The tool features a calendar and a dashboard view and allows users to track deadlines, comment on tasks, and share files using a built-in messaging window. Users can also add their bosses or customers to the tasks they’re working on to keep them informed on their progress.

6. Workep

Key features:

  • Internal and external collaboration
  • Highly visual interface
  • Multiple work methodologies

This tool is a collaboration platform that automates and centralizes G Suite turning it into an efficient environment for project management, collaboration and planning. Create Google Docs, sync calendar events, use Hangouts, and more – to automate the work on your projects.

Workep can easily visualize your team’s work as lists, Kanban boards, or Gantt charts, and allows user to export project data. The basic plan for one team of up to 10 users is free, and you can upgrade to access the premium features as your team grows.

7. OpenProject

Key features:

  • Project timeline management
  • Agile boards
  • Bug tracking

Another open-source project management tool that helps organize the entire life cycle of your projects. Its features include project planning, scheduling, monitoring, creating charts and reports, and many more. It also offers security and data privacy features that help you protect critical project data from unauthorized access.

The community version of the software that support the most essential features is completely free, but cloud hosting and other premium features are available as a paid subscription.

8. Freedcamp

Key features:

  • Task management
  • Milestones and deadlines
  • Discussion boards

Freedcamp stands out among other project management tools by going for an all-on-one approach with its functionality. It supports pretty much everything from task lists and Kanban boards, to calendars and milestones with issue tracking and timekeeping added on top.

The free plan covers all of the core features. Premium functionality includes things like invoicing and CRM capabilities, plus white labelling so you can customize the look of the app by adding your business logo, and using a custom URL.

9. ClickUp

Key features:

  • Custom fields
  • Customized views
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface

ClickUp is a powerful project management and collaboration solution with a free plan that offers more than many other tools deliver with their premium options.

It allows users to set up customized views depending on their specific workflow, add custom fields, assign goals and priorities to tasks, and convert team members ideas and comments into actual tasks or subtasks.

Other available features include time tracking, file sharing, Integromat and Zapier support, plus native integration with dozens of other applications.

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