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actiTIME Has Been Ranked as
Top Project Management Software

Software Advice has included actiTIME in its FrontRunners Quadrant for top project management software. 730 software tools have been evaluated. Only 19 products with top resulting scores have been selected from to be represented in the top chart.

Software Advice is a Gartner company and one of the leading software selection services. With their great experience in business software reviews, industry experts engaged as advisors, and validated users, they are a recognized authority in navigating the software selection process.

The value of their software selections is based on real user reviews and original research of tools available on the market. That’s why many businesses trust Software Advice reviews and use them to find the right software for their needs.

FrontRunners Quadrants highlight the top products for North American small businesses. Products included in the Quadrants are top performers within their categories. User reviews are the basis of the evaluation procedure. Features included in the products, number of customers, and other details also define the final score.

actiTIME is listed in the section for tools that are focused on specific features and offer specialized capabilities. So, the tool is a great choice for companies with unique needs. Great number of its long-standing customers shows that while evolving over the years, actiTIME keeps meeting their specific requirements.

Easy data collection and rich reporting functionality are the key actiTIME features that provide value for businesses. The tool helps collect and analyze crucial project management and business data. Simple and robust, actiTIME boosts work efficiency and saves managers’ time.

Take a closer look at actiTIME functionality at the website or sign up for a free online trial.

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