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... perfect ... affordable ... stable

Though actiTIME does not replace high-end booking solutions, it is a perfect, affordable, stable and convenient solution for time tracking and reporting. With actiTIME our company has benefited in multiple aspects and gained much better stability.

actiTIME provides fast project reporting, easy adding of extra clients/projects/tasks, real-time evaluation of estimated/actual times consumed, multiple simultaneous team access over internet browser by users.

Research & Consulting:
Spatial & Landscape Planning

Hartmut Dumke


... everybody is happy working with actiTIME

actiTIME was recommended to our company on one of 3-D Forums a few months ago. And since then everybody is happy working with actiTIME at xoio. It was pretty easy to set up the application and tool just a few minutes to adjust the screen.

We are using actiTIME for employees and project-based time-tracking. It's very helpful and fast!

3D Design Bureau

Bettina Ludwig
Managing Director


... saves immense amount of managers time!

actiTIME saves immense amount of managers time! Not to mention how effective it is for tracking employees' work. Now I spend hours less verifying and approving the paid time off for each employee.

I would strongly recommend purchasing the product, assuming they were a small to mid-size business or an autonomous group within a larger corporation.

Web Design & Development

Sylvia CorfmanChief
Operating Officer


... simply perfect and perfectly simple

Congratulations on this product! We have been looking for a simple solution to small office time-management. This software was exactly what we are looking for and other than maybe expanding on the billing side for budget purposes it is simply perfect and perfectly simple.

Architectural Services

Robert Spierenburg


... the best collection of features and reporting

We operate as an agency type of environment where billing our time is key to our profitability. And actiTIME is great for us!

It has the best collection of features and reporting for our needs. Things like Profit & Loss, project tracking, client reporting and the granularity of user permissions are of great value. We are seeing that our billability is on the rise, and staff are sticking to estimates much better than before.

Web Design

Stefan Muirhead
President, founder

Cline Architects

... helpful and inexpensive software

We didn't need sophisticated time-tracking. Just a simple application to register employees' hours requiring not much time to learn it. And actiTIME worked well for our architectural firm.

I am the current national chair of the AIA Small Project Practitioners (SPP) Knowledge Community, so I am always on the lookout for helpful and inexpensive software for small firms. Thanks for offering the free version.

Architectural Bureau

James Cline

XUL Architecture

... very easy to learn and use

actiTIME was recommended by a colleague, and I would recommend it to others as well. Helps keeping everything recorded.

Assuming that it was very easy to learn and use. I had no problems to teach to the rest colleagues, and now everyone can log their hours easily.

Interior design

Christian Clemares

The Building Code Institute

... this program exceeds expectations!

If you are considering a time and project management program, this is the ONE to choose. This program exceeds expectations! The flexibility of project and task description made this program work for my consulting business. IT department is not even necessary to make the program useful.

The goal of getting paid is my prime use of the program. So, when it comes for billing, actiTIME helps to get the job done quickly and accurately. If I were to write the software myself, it would look just like this!

Architectural Design & Code

Robert Miller

Halliday Clark Architects

... incredible piece of software

I would just like to say what an incredible piece of software it is - precisely what we have been in need of and more. The simple and easy-to-use nature of actiTIME combined with its powerful information generating tools are ideal for our company purposes. Obviously the fact that the light version is free to use is a major advantage too!

I'm looking forward to the continued use of actiTIME, keep up the good work!

Architecture & Product Design

Oli Morley
Practice Manager

Fleisher Ridout

... intelligent solution for time billing

Don't waste your time with expensive bloated software. This program is an intelligent solution for time billing.

It took me a few minutes to install and start using, unlike the other software packages that I tried.

Now we account for all time spent. We can easily print reports, add new customers and control project billing. actiTIME is very easy to administer and add new projects as they arise. Staff find it very simple to use as well and as a result I have no complaints from anyone.

Landscape Architecture

Tom Ridout

Anderman Architects

... intuitive and streamlined

I'll recommend the software, especially for architectural business like ours - the solution seems to be intuitive and streamlined, the learning curve is modest and the product works as you expected.

Web-based interface is a big plus as well - very easy and very simple!

Architecture & Planning

Yoav Anderman