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... simple & easy for non-technical people

We’ve chosen actiTIME, first of all, as it’s simple and easy to use product for non-technical people. Secondly, it’s cost-effective. Thirdly, actiTIME is easy to install.

The application helped us to see our staff more self-organized and responsible. For those who are considering whether to choose actiTIME or not, we would advise to test a trial version first to make sure they find all functions and features they are looking for.

Technology & Construction services

Pavlo Khandetsky
Senior Network Engineer


... high-quality software ... little time needed

for staff training

actiTIME is a high-quality software. Little time needed for employees’ training and understanding how to use the application. What's also important it really adds the value to our team work improving their quality and creating confidence with our customers.

With actiTIME we can monitor the recourses and expenses from any location in the world. It gives the opportunity to analyze critical area and act correspondingly to improve the situation.

Marine Craft Design

Igor Korovkin
IT manager and QC


... easy, fast, intuitive

It’s easy, fast, intuitive and handy! No tutoring or training required – can be easily self-explored even by new employees.

actiTIME gives us staff quick access to staff output and billable work that staffspeeded up billing to customers. You won’t regret equipping your business with this staffpowerful tool as actiTIME provides the best value for money.

Motors Engineering

Robert Marusic


... useful features ... and good price

What we like about actiTIME is easy system installation and managing. It also gives degrees freedom in setting proper parameters for tracking time and data exporting.

actiTIME became easy very helpful in taking the right decision on this or that project. As now we have an overall view of every project cost. I’d recommend actiTIME as it is easy to handle, implemented with useful features and has a good price.

Electronics Development

Philipp Senoner


... attractive user interface ... flexible structure

actiTIME has an attractive user interface that allows our employees to record their time in an efficient manner. This lets them spend more time generating revenue and less time entering hours worked. Its structure is also flexible enough to be customized to our unique requirements.

Automation & Engineering

Jonathan Cole
Information Systems Support


... saves hours of time each week!

We’ve eventually chosen actiTIME as it provides a unified interfaces for all employees. They all fill in their daily time per jobs in actiTIME. And then actiTIME reports are used to produce payroll documentation as well as they are sent directly to clients for billing. This streamline process saves hours of time each week!

Lighting Engineering

Philip Clough

GL Garrad Hassan

... it does what we want – simply & effectively

actiTIME is a clean thin-client time entry system. It does want we initially wanted – simply and effectively. Using it we keep track of time spent on many tasks related to each project and get simple reports at the month end.

Look at the specific tasks that actiTIME is good at, and if that is what you need, then I would recommend actiTIME.

Energy Consultancy

Matthew Bechly

MPC Consulting

... highly recommended for tracking work details

Highly recommend if you want to track details of work being performed by staff either for billing purposes or other analysis for time allocation and process improvement.

actiTIME provides data for analysis on how productively employees allocate their time. The reports are easy to run. It also gives you ease of generating invoices to customers for billable time.

Engineering Consultancy

Debbie Barcellona
Office Administrator


... the best time-tracking solution for us

We did not want to take paper notes on tasks we are working on and this web application became the best solution for us.

We started using actiTIME to track our work hours, and it fulfills most of our demands.

Automation Solutions

Stane Erzar
Head of R & D


... very beneficial to our company for over two years

I evaluated many online time tracking systems and actiTIME was by far the best option. We centralized our time tracking and made sure that everyone used the same set of charge accounts.

We have been using actiTIME for over two years and it has been very beneficial to our company. During that time our company has more than doubled in size and actiTIME has grown well with us.

Engineering Services

Tod Courtney

RC Burdick

... easily navigated and simple to set up

It's a great tool - free for less than 10 employees, and basic enough to track time without sacrificing tech know-how. It was very easy to start working with actiTIME as well, though it did take some time to learn the features for employees who are not very tech-savy.

I would advise you to give it a try. You will find the program easily navigated and very simple to set up for your specific management needs.

Civil and Structural engineering

Jonathan Miller
Assistant Engineer / IT Lead