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... excellent solution & free maintenance

actiTIME Hosted – simple to use, easy to customize, maintenance free. We use it to track actual time spent on different projects, and our main benefit is better clarity of the process.

I'd say actiTIME is an excellent solution for a small/medium company looking for a simple trouble-free solution!

Diagnostic Services & Products

Stuart Wolf
R & D Director


... good quality for fair price

Though actiTIME is just a tool, it helps our business. Gathering the time spent on projects to check if we are within the allocated budget is our aim. We can easily create a good project/task/activities schema, follow up the data entry, export the data and generate stat analysis.

I would recommend actiTIME - good quality for cheap price.

Clinical Solutions

Antonello Cervone
IT Director


... user-friendly, low-cost, cloud-based

User-friendly, low-cost and cloud-based solution that fit our needs. Considering the low cost and ease-of-use benefits of actiTIME I feel it is a tremendous value!

We do not only track our time to our projects, but our management team easily monitors time spent on each of those projects, which is invaluable to both our accounting and project management processes.

Mental Health Organization

Cindy Specht
Executive Vice President


... good functionality & prices, quick feedback

Implementing the free version of actiTIME was easy to do; once in place our assistant valued the tool high as it made recharging the costs a lot easier. Given the good price we quickly upgraded to a version with more features.

So in summary: freeware version to start with + good functionality + good prices of other versions + quick feedback.

Medical Products & Services

Stefaan De Vos
Business Intelligence Project Mgr.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

... start record hours straightaway

actiTIME is such an easy app. We could start straight away to record workers hours against projects. Users find the program quite friendly, and managers get the needed information thanks to actiTIME reports.

Medical Products & Services

Catherine Hills
Technical Specialist