Client Testimonials Industry:

decipher works

... amazing product ... extremely well-polished

It's an amazing product, and despite the fact that there is no cost associated with Small Team Edition it is extremely well-polished and a good deal better than other apps which have license fees. At this point actiTIME more than meets the needs of my company. Thanks for developing such a wonderful app and keeping it free!

IAM Solutions Provider

Michael Leonard


... life saver: no issues, greater efficiency

This application has been a life saver. It has been working for us for several years now with no issues at all. System users record their hours and comments with much greater efficiency than ever.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Brian Graham


... web-based ... accessible from anywhere

actiTIME is an intuitive and uncomplicated tool. It is web-based and thus, accessible from anywhere. No glitches or bugs for more than two year usage!

Our company is operating in the IT industry. We are constantly growing in the number of employees (from 30 to more than 100) and the number of projects is increasing correspondingly. actiTIME gives us fast time reporting and accurate calculations on the basis of reports made.

IT Consulting

Jan Vandebroek
General Manager


... valuable tool, fast to learn

actiTIME is a valuable tool for us. I would recommend to use it as long as you need a simple project tracking tool that is very fast to learn.

IT Consulting

Michael Forrester
IT Director


... landed on actiTIME due to functionality

We tried out some products and landed on actiTIME due to functionality in combination with inhouse hosting of "known" technology. It was very easy to get started. In our case actiTIME replaced old fashioned excel reporting. We can now run the reports both to customers, billing, as well as create internal reports.

Consulting & Complex Solutions

Sigmund Grønland


... useful tool for time billing

I would advise actiTIME as a useful tool if your business is dependent on time billing.

For us, the primary use of actiTIME lies in client billing for time spent on various projects. And with actiTIME it's very easy.

Technology Solutions
(Innovative Technologies)

Lisette Mocke
Admin and HR Co-ordinator

Abu Dhabi Systems Integration

... fully rely on actiTIME, and everyone is happy

We fully rely on actiTIME in keeping track of engineers working hours. When we started, I have given training to all my colleagues and now everyone is happy. Before, we were not able to do quarterly hour closing on time but this month we had done one day earlier :) We are using actiTIME 2.2 version, and we are planning to upgrade to management level.

Consulting & Software

Muhammad Faheem Abdul Wahid
IT Officer

Klinkmann Automation

... very understandable & attractive

100% sure actiTIME is very useful!
Very understandable and attractive! It took few hours to learn different tools and possible features. Also it took few minutes to train other employees how to use it.

As a Key User of actiTIME in Klinkmann LAT, I can notice, that it is very good developed system of controlling settings and users authorization levels, which is very helpful.

Automation & Communication
Software Development

Andrejs Kubuska
CRM Database System Operator

Codeblue Hamilton

... no training required for my staff

Free, easy and works well for us. Even no training was required for my staff. actiTIME reporting makes invoicing easy and easily allows me to find out what my staff are working on.

Business Support Services

John Calland
Head of Managed Services