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... helps catch runaway projects and focus people

I like the reporting and simple way of time tracking in actiTIME. It's not a burden or annoyance to the staff thanks to its approach to task creation and time input. It helps us understand where the team time is being spent, catch runaway projects and focus people.

It's a great tool for managers to help their team with jobs and keep them accountable and profitable.

Financial software
development & Training

David Stroms
Manager of Software Development


... billing services became easier

Billing software development services became easier using actiTIME. Now we have information about the time we spend in R & D, the time we spend in support services, etc.

I would definitely recommend actiTIME to other companies.

Software Products & Solutions

Miguel Quintanilla


... fully replaced a home-grown solution

I find actiTIME to be much easier than other systems. It is also a good value for the price. It fully replaced a home-grown solution that was difficult to maintain and manage. actiTIME definitely makes most of the overhead a no-brainer. So long as it's centrally managed, it is very easy to keep time in proper boxes.

Software Products & Solutions

Pete Heller
Director, Professional Services


... a great app and it does its purpose

It's a good tool for estimating the hours spent on projects and then evaluate the work done accordingly. Especially, for tracking contractor's hours.

User interfaces are really clear and easy-to-use. It's a great app and it does its purpose!

Software Products & Solutions

Celene Haberkost
Team Leader, Customer Support


... by far the easiest reporting system

We have never had to track our time before. Doing it with actiTIME allows us to determine where time is spent on certain types of tasks. And it's exceedingly easy. I didn't have to look for on-line help or ask anybody how to use it. I've used some pretty sketchy time reporting systems and this is by far the easiest.

It's a fine system for gathering info – what you do with it is up to you.

Security Technology

Charlie Smith
Configuration Manger


... users find actiTIME very comfortable

Our primary goal is to track leave time and working hours for various projects. Additionally, users put comments on their job, and find actiTIME very comfortable and easy to work with.

I would recommend this tool for small to middle companies that do not need very formal reporting on timing and thorough planning. It has good usability and is easy to install and maintain.

Advanced Development Tools
for Embedded Systems

Olha Honcharova
Software Engineer


... good solution, quick implementation

It is a good solution in terms of quick implementation and reasonable flexibility. Central web access for any resources involved is one the major benefits. While storing all the data in a central repository is one of the key and positive aspects.

Engineering and Geospatial

Francesco Grassi
Technical Manager


... ease of use and a reasonable price

Ease of use and a reasonable price influenced our decision on actiTIME. It helps us set up new projects and manage tasks spent on them.

Engineering Software Excellence

Mark Parsons


... rich in features, quick to make an update

Rich in features for the price. The user interface is very intuitive and it's quick to make an update which is important when you are trying to get staff to use it daily. The reports cover our requirements and we've been able to more accurately account for billable time.

So, if you don't have a time tracking system, it's an excellent choice. Stable and easy to install.

Software Products & Solutions

Piaras MacDonnell
Programmer Manager

Sword Ciboodle

... weekly timesheets have become a lot

simpler to run

Weekly timesheets have become a lot simpler to run and transfer into billing records. Accuracy of the time logged has also improved as people cannot make up tasks on their spreadsheets and submit incorrect information.

Have a play with the online demo to get a full understanding of the benefits that actiTIME can provide for you!

Customer Interaction Software

Ed Stephens
Project Manager


... easy tool for our business

We didn't have a time-tracking solution previously. Now we need to understand time required to service customers and complete projects.

actiTIME is an easy tool for our business needs. The user interfaces are very intuitive.

Health Care Solutions

Kevin Geoffroy
VP, Epic Operations