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... very helpful, extremely beneficial

Very helpful! The variety of reporting capabilities is extremely beneficial!

We’ve seen significant changes on the management side when started tracking time to actiTIME. Not to mention the consistency we've gained in the reporting process. People are tracking their time for faithfully and we have a much more realistic picture of where time is being spent now.

Management &
Event Planning Services

Carolyn Price

ECommerce Systems

... Great product, great value for functionality

The upper management can easily review staff hours by quickly popping on actiTIME and pulling online reports. Great product, great value for functionality. Your staff will like it!

P.S. We just recently ran an update and LOVE the lock feature to lock individual users and to lock specific days.

Project Management &
IT Consulting

Christine Myers


... follow up the hours spent and compare budgets

The most important feature for us is that we can access our accounts online. Working as consultants, our staff spends most of the time at our client offices. So, online access to the application is a must! With actiTIME we can follow up the hours spent on each project and compare budgets.

Business Consulting

Gabriel Shebar
IT & Support Director


... how quick learning phase is!

We've been using actiTIME for two months but we are already able to better understand where our effort goes. Employees can clearly see how they spend their working time. And management can better understand how effective their decisions are.

You will wonder how easily you start working with actiTIME and how quick the learning phase is!

Business Process Outsourcing

Dante Caliento


... just a great solution for startups

We are a very small startup company and the free actiTIME version exactly fit our needs. The software contained just the right functionality we were looking for to track time.

My contract employees easily enter their working time online. Then I print reports to include them to the invoices for my clients. Just a great solution for startups on a budget!

Management & IT Consulting

Skip Heise


... useful for keeping track of time and project costs

Really easy to use and manage. actiTIME meets our basic needs perfectly! We find it very useful for keeping track of time and project costs.

What we've also noticed, it's becoming easier to use actiTIME with every product update!

Management Consulting

Susana Santamaria

Kemp Management Solutions

... helps me in achieving my business goals

I chose to use actiTIME for its access points and GUI presentation. To be honest, it took me some time to learn and use it. I really appreciated the help of technical/customer service support. And now all actiTIME features help me in achieving my business goals.

Just try it, even if it may not work for you!

Program Management
and Consulting

Lotoya Beard
Project Coordinator

Virtual Assistant Spain

... only actiTIME had all I need

I evaluated many time-tracking solutions but only actiTIME had all I need. Very simple to use and very easy to learn. It quickly gives you the required information on your work process.

I have always recommended actiTIME on different software forums and will continue doing it!

Business Process Support

Christine Brown