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... keep track of more than 200 deliverables

Personally, I am involved on a number of major projects that require me to keep track of more than 200 deliverables. Having actiTIME forces me not to lose track of the time spent on each of these projects.

In fact, actiTIME is our global solution in R&D to time-track all our projects because of the easy implementation and low infrastructure requirements.

Developer & Supplier

Marco Garibay
Technical Assistant


... better prediction of project requirements

Our company needed a simple way of tracking time used on multiple projects - and actiTIME fit the need. Its interface is simple and easy to maintain. We use the application for time management, task estimation and also to communicate deadline information to our team members.

Now having actiTIME we can better predict future project requirements!

Power Train Machining & Assembly

Lance Murdock
Controls Project Engineer

Communication Systems Solutions

... give it a try, you will be impressed

We were most impressed with actiTIME's professional look and feel. The low entry price, as well as powerful features made it the best time tracking choice, by far. We now have a better finger on the pulse of our business.

I believe you will find the value of actiTIME to be unsurpassed. The application is top-notch, the support team is responsive, and the price can't be beat. Give it a try, you will be impressed.

Design & Manufacturing Services

Steve Poulsen

Audemars Piguet

... quickly get to the project progress

actiTIME is a good application: easy-to-use, user-friendly and providing powerful reporting functionality. Now our management can quickly get to know the project progress.

Brand Watches Manufacturer

Patricia Calabro
Technical Assistant

Elfiq Networks

... affordable and goes with different modules

The whole actiTIME system is well-done - easy-to-use and intuitive, affordable and goes with different modules to meet your business needs. MySQL database support is also a plus.

Network Solutions

Ghislain Lachapelle


... I like the fact that it's easy-to use

actiTIME was chosen to be used at Fallbrook Technologies by our management team. And I, personally, like the fact that it's easy-to use.

Before actiTIME era we had no way to track labor costs, and now we do.

Also I like the fact that the support team did get back to me after I submitted various product suggestions. actiTIME is a good product!

Transmission Systems

Wesley May
Senior Engineer


... helps with budget control within projects

We choose actiTIME to keep track of contractors' timing spent on different projects. It also really helps with budget control within projects.

actiTIME is to implement and use piece of software. Provides good reporting, downloadable to Excel.

Multi-metals Company

Guido Lauwers
Group Business Applications Mgr.


... good product to work with

My boss, Mr. Stefano Dossi, has chosen actiTIME for our company. Overall, it's a good product to work with, easy to understand and use. And it's browser-based. I would recommend it.

Brake Discs Manufacturing

Matteo Marioni
SW Engineer


... no extra efforts to learn it

This is a useful tool for our small company. We put no extra efforts to learn it. actiTIME was very easy to start working with and track all employees time spent by projects. With no need to compile each users' time sheet.

Web-based Irrigation

Sebastien Rochette
Software & Electric Project Manager


... a quick efficient mechanism to track your time

If you need a quick efficient mechanism to track yours and your employees' time then this product will work very well!

actiTIME reporting mechanism is very accurate and provides a good visibility of projects and resources allocation.

Solutions for FTTx and
CATV HFC industries

Brian Murrihy
Operations Manager

Kapa Biosystems

... enables management to keep a close eye

on time spent

Four key factors influenced our decision in favor of actiTIME:

1. Free for the number of users we required
2. Basic categories breakdown
3. Data export to xls spreadsheet
4. Easy to set up and use

actiTIME enables management to keep a close eye on the amount of time spent by different users on different categories within an R&D facility.

Chemical Engineering

Gavin Rush
R & D Manager

Scandia Food

... reports are everything!

actiTIME light version is yet powerful enough to suite my needs. Friendly and easy to use. Reports are everything! I can keep a close eye on what/how and when was done, detect issues and create easy steps for future.

Small or BIG, you should have this. If not for all staff, do it for yourself, there will be a big difference on your schedule. SAVE YOUR TIME!

Canned Food Manufacturer

Cezar Petcu

Teleflex Marine

... extremely easy to track time

Extremely easy to use. We use it to just track time. Instead of spending half the day figuring out what you did over the last month, just run a report for the dates needed and all your information is there.

Medical Devices Provider

James Monczynski
Sr. Software Engineer