Client Testimonials Industry:

Vail Systems

... helps us understand our costs better

It was fairly easy to start working with actiTIME once I worked out the organization of the projects. actiTIME helps us understand our costs better so we can improve upon the way we estimate new work.

Also, we can better understand the costs against specific tasks on a project or across projects. We are also starting to track users' hours and making sure they are charging time only on projects they are assigned to.

Network Solutions

Vijaya Israni
VP Engineering Delivery


... get a hold of how we are doing against

our estimates

We just started using actiTIME to record time for certain project categories to get a hold of how much time and money are spent on projects and how we are doing against our estimates. Very good tool, for a small or medium company. It might be very good for a large company that doesn't need to track as many users, projects, subtasks that we seem to need.

But even with that said, it works VERY WELL!

Wireless Service Provider

Steve Welch

Bright House

... management gets the info on team


Great tool, if used and updated consistently with fair cost for the options provided. Now employees are aware of their assignments, and the management gets the info on team performance thanks to flexible reporting options.

ISP & Telecom

Richard Sklar
Data Facilities Supervisor


... turned out to be very straightforward and useful

We were looking for an easy-to use piece of software to fill in a time sheet that will allow to quickly create projects and tasks for employees. actiTIME turned out to be very straightforward and therefore useful.

I'd recommend it f you are looking for a simple, straightforward timesheet system.

Hosting & Web Appliance

Edwin Korver


... effective time management and reporting

Our company benefited from using actiTIME by tracking engineers' time and providing detailed reports to our clients on their activities.

Our positive changes consist in effective time management and reporting, quick invoicing process and better billing and budget management.

Network Solutions

Pall Musaev
Service Delivery Manager


... actiTIME solved all problems with no hassle

I found in actiTIME all the requirements I was looking for. We are getting a lot of benefit - the tool enable us to better balance workload, have constant view of what people are doing. And we can easily obtain reports to pay and invoice the projects.

I really recommend it, I evaluated a lot of tools, also had an in house development before which demanded al lot of maintenance, and actiTIME solved all problems with no hassle.

Telecommunication Solutions

Victor Plata
IPMC Manager