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What is actiTIME QB Integrator?

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actiTIME QB Integrator is a special add-on for importing working and leave time from actiTIME into QuickBooks Timesheet.

You will no longer need to re-enter time data in QuickBooks and check for duplicates, and thus, speed up the billing and tax calculations when the time for bookkeeping comes.

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Main Features

  • Flexible Rules for Data Conversion

    You can easily adapt actiTIME QB Integrator to your needs by creating flexible rules for data import to QuickBooks, for example:

    • Choose the convenient connection of actiTIME structure with QuickBooks objects, such as customers/jobs, service and payroll items.
    • Allow automatic, partly automatic or manual processing for particular customers, jobs and service items.
    • Link actiTIME users with employees created within QuickBooks Timesheet.
  • Import Parameters

    When preparing the data for import, you can use two import parameters – users and date range. So, you can choose the particular employees whose data to import within the specified time/accounting period.

  • Detailed Preview of Data before Import

    Before the import actiTIME QB Integrator will show all your data in the format similar to QuickBooks Timesheet. The preview mode can be either detailed by each user, or summarized. All the data will be editable.

    For more clearness everything that might be edited, added or deleted in the timesheet – will be colored accordingly.

    Timesheet Preview for User
  • Support of Repeated Data Imports

    The application allows importing data for the same employees and the same date range repeatedly. actiTIME QB Integrator will merge the data existing in QB and data received from actiTIME and will inform you about any collisions occurred during the merge, e.g. when data was already marked as Billed in QuickBooks.


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QB Integrator works with QuickBooks Pro or Premier v10+.

actiTIME QB Integrator should be installed on the same computer where QuickBooks is installed and will work when QuickBooks is running.

The application is available within actiTIME Self-Hosted with cost & billing functionality (Pro) and actiTIME Online.

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