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Timesheet charts are intended to display your time-track and cost & billing data in a bright and vivid form. They help organize information and provide a clear visual representation of your data.

Informative and fully customizable, the charts can be included in reports, presentations, statistical summaries etc. as an efficient tool to simplify the overview of large data amounts.

Creating a Chart

To create a chart, click on Create chart button in Reports section.

Data Groups and Filters

You may need to filter and group the data for your timesheet charts, in order to include only the necessary data and to arrange it properly. Create Chart interface provides a view of your chart and contains settings for data grouping and filtration.

Please note that if there are zero values for specific data groups – users, departments, customers, projects etc. – these data groups will not be included in the chart.

Customizing Your Timesheet Charts

Once the chart is created, you may need to choose the best way to visualize your data. Chart customization interface is simple and intuitive. You can choose sorting parameters, color schemes and chart types – vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph or doughnut chart.

For example, doughnut charts suit the best to illustrate proportions, and bar graphs are appropriate when you need to show comparisons. Sorting is also important: arranging the values in alphabetical order makes it easier to find the necessary value, and sorting by values allows easy ranking of data groups.

Tip: You can add your chart to dashboard to access it faster in the future. It will also allow you creating similar charts later, only changing some parameters (e.g. date range).

Sharing Your Charts

Now that your chart is created and customized, you probably need to send it to your colleagues, print it or insert in a report or a presentation. To do that, proceed to save and share the chart.

Sharing Your Charts from the Dashboard

Save your chart to the dashboard by clicking on the Add to Dashboard link in the header and click on Share on the plate of the chart, then copy chart configuration to another user(-s). The filter under the Share button allows you to filter users to share the chart with by departments and time zone groups.

Please note that you only can share a chart with your colleagues who have appropriate permissions. E.g. you cannot share a sick days balance chart with a user who is not allowed to manage PTO & Sick Days Settings.

Saving Your Chart in PDF

Click on Export to PDF button in the bottom of the window to create a PDF document with your chart. Now you can print, share, send the chart by email etc.

A preview form allows you configuring paper size, header and data list parameters. After changing these parameters, click Update Preview to see the changes.