How to Modify & Approve a User's Timesheet

All users can edit or delete their time entries, as long as the timesheets haven’t been locked. To go back to your previous timesheets, select the required week in the calendar in the “Enter Time-Track” interface.

If you edit a timesheet after it has been approved, its status will be rolled back to “Not Ready”.

Managers with the right to “Modify & Approve Users Time-Track” can edit records for other users who are assigned to them. For more information on this permission, see How to Manage Permissions section.

Timesheet Editing Process

To review and modify other users’ entries, go to the “Enter Time-Track” interface and select the user in question in the drop-down menu. Timesheet will be reloaded, and you will be able to edit it as your own.


Managers can also review other users’ entries in the “View Time-Track” tab by selecting the required user the same way as in the “Enter Time-Track” tab.

To return back to your timesheet, click Back to me or select yourself in the drop-down list.

Note that managers can edit entries only for tasks from their management scope. Any other time entries are displayed as totals and are not available for editing:


Timesheet Approval Process

Ensure that time reported by your employees is correct with the help of the timesheet approval procedure. Once the employee submits their timesheet for approval, the manager can approve or reject it (optionally with a comment).

You can enable this feature in the Settings menu:

  • Navigate to the Settings > Turn Features On/Off interface.
  • Click on the slider next to Time-Track Approval to turn this feature on.

Setting Up Approvers

Set up approvers by granting the right to “Modify & Approve Users Time-Track” to your managers and assigning users to them.

An employee can have multiple approvers. However, the approval itself is a one-step process, with one approver at a time. You can use the lock procedure as a second step, if necessary.

You can see who approves user’s timesheet by navigating to Users > Account Settings and clicking on the user in question. All approvers will be listed in the Time-Track Approval Settings section.

By clicking the switch, you can also set up automatic approval for this user:


Approving Timesheets

There are two options how managers can see and manage timesheets submitted for approval:

  • By opening users’ timesheets directly in the Enter Time-Track interface. Select the user in question and approve or reject the timesheet. Timesheet status will be instantly updated.
  • By navigating to the Enter Time-Track > Approve Time-Track interface. For more convenience, you can filter timesheets by statuses, quickly search users by name and change sorting options. Timesheets can be approved one by one or in bulk.

To review user’s entries before approval, click on the user in question, and you’ll be forwarded to the required week in the “Enter Time-Track” interface.

If you would like to see the history of approval statuses, click the bell icon next to Approve Time-Track:


If you need a manager to review automatically approved timesheets, you can turn on a special setting. Go to
Settings > General Settings > Data Access Restrictions and enable the option “Allow manager to modify and view time-track of users configured for automatic approval”.

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