Real-Time Widgets

actiTIME’s report widgets display your time-track results on visually striking sparkline charts. They capture data changes in real time and automatically update the information every 5 minutes. The widgets also indicate if your performance trends go up or down, whereas the handy in-built tooltips allow for effortless data interpretation.

Real-time report widgets in actiTIME

Real-time report widgets

You can create widgets for the following types of time tracking data:

  • Working hours
  • Approved working hours
  • Leave hours
  • Working hours vs. approved working hours
  • Working hours vs. leave hours

Note: If functionality for Leave Time Tracking and Time-Track Approval is switched off, you cannot see the information on approved working hours and leave hours in your real-time widgets.

Besides, in order to review all other users’ working hours and leave hours, one needs to have the following two permissions: “Manage PTO & Sick Days Settings” and “Manage Accounts & Permissions.” Users with the right to “Modify & Approve Users Time-Track” can see the data of their assigned teams only, while regular users with the “Enter Time-Track” permission alone can see merely their personal data.