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Report Description

Time-Track In Detail Report is available within actiTIME Pro and actiTIME Online editions only

Time-Track In Detail report provides all time-track information including users' comments on the entered time.

Example of Time-Track In Detail report

Note: Only the users who have the 'Generate Time Reports' permission may generate Time-Track In Detail report. Note that the users who do not have this permission will not see the reporting interfaces at all.

Time-Track in Detail report allows you joining reported time and comments by tasks. If this option is selected, columns Date and User are hidden (if they are not selected as grouping options), and columns Spent Time and Comments contain aggregated values.

Example of Time-Track In Detail report
(with two levels of data grouping and comments joined by tasks)

You can also use plain report format if you need raw data.

Example of Time-Track In Detail report, plain report format

Tip: actiTIME automatically calculates subtotals for grouping levels when grouping report records.

Time-Track In Detail Report Parameters

As Time-Track in Detail Report allows a very detailed data representation, many data grouping and filtering parameters are available in it.

  1. Date range. You can select a preset date range or enter a custom one using calendar.

  2. Data Grouping Level. Up to three data grouping levels are available in Time-Track in Detail Report.


    By changing data grouping order, you can summarize your data by different parameters.

    If you need data on what projects are the most time-consuming and what users are working on these projects, you can choose grouping by projects, then by users:

    If you need information on how users manage their time by spending it on specific tasks, group the data by users, then by tasks, etc.:

    Tip: If you have typical projects associated with different customers, you can group report data by project names. Your report will contain data related to each typical project.

    If you have typical tasks present in a number of projects, you can group data by task names. Your report will contain data related to each typical task.

    Use Join comments by tasks option to group comments by tasks: after applying this option, all comments for a specific task are shown in the row of this task.

    Time-Track in Detail Report without joining comments by tasks
    Time-Track in Detail Report with joining comments by tasks
  3. Selected Staff filter.

    You can choose All Staff or only specific employees to represent their data in the report.Staff filtering by departments or time zones is also available.

    Selected Staff Selector
  4. Customer/ Project filter.

    You can choose all customers and projects or filter data by specific customers and projects. Data for archived customers and projects are also available: to include it in the report, set the 'Show archived customers and projects...' check box above the list of customers and projects.

    Customers and Projects Selector

    Note: If you select a customer when option 'Show archived customers and projects...' is not selected, archived projects of this customer will not be shown in the report.

  5. Time format to be used in the HTML report - either decimal format (##.##) or hours/minutes format (HH:MM).

    Note: This option is not applicable to the reports in CSV format. Reports in the CSV format always use decimal format for time-track data.

See Time Track in Detail Report examples here.