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Work Schedule in drop down menu

To define standard working and nonworking days, configure the default work schedule in the General System Settings.

Note: You need to have 'Manage System Settings' permission to be able to manage corporate schedule.

To configure non-standard working and nonworking days follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the Settings menu option 'Work Schedule' to open the interface.

    The system will show you the interface with three months: the current month and two following months.

    Corporate Schedule in timesheet
    Corporate Schedule interface

    Working days will be shown on the white background. Nonworking days will be shown on the light blue background in dark red font.

    You can change the number of months shown in the interface. To do that click on the 'Select the Number of Months to View' link and select the interface layout you prefer:

    Choose calendar layout
    Pop-up panel for selecting the interface layout

    actiTIME will memorize the selected interface layout and will automatically use it when you open the interface the next time.

  2. Select the month the days of which you want to modify. If this month is already shown in the interface, just skip this step.

    To select a month, click on the name of the currently selected month and choose the month you need in the pop-up panel:

    Calendar settings in timesheet
    Pop-up panel for selecting month

    The pop-up panel for month selection shows months of the following four years:

    • the year of the currently selected month (the selected year)
    • two years before the selected year
    • one year after the selected year

    If you need to view or modify a month in the past which is not currently available in the panel, you will have to do this in two steps:

    1. Select the earliest month which is currently available
    2. Select the month you need after the page is reloaded and the list of available months is updated

    The earliest available month is January, 2003

  3. Click a date you want to modify.

    The system will switch the date status from 'working day' to 'nonworking day' and vice-versa in the work schedule.