Workflow Settings

Workflow statuses help you manage the process more efficiently, organizing tasks by work phases. You can set them up in the Settings > Workflow Settings. To access it, you should have the “Manage System Settings” permission.

There are two types of workflow statuses: open and completed. To create a new status, press the “Add new status” button in the relevant box and specify its name and color.


For each type, you can set up any number of specific statuses. For example: Under consideration, Design, Development for open tasks, and Released, Archived and Never Implemented for completed tasks.


The statuses will appear in the interfaces in the same order as they are shown here. You can drag-and-drop them within each group as you need.

By default, new tasks will be created with the first status for open tasks specified in this interface.

Workflow statuses are used to group tasks in the Kanban view of the Tasks interface. To read more about this view, see How to Manage Tasks section.


Note that you can only delete a workflow status if there are no tasks with this status in the system.

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