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Bosz Digital

... control company's track to achieve goals

actiTIME is a great tool! Since it is web based it makes it easy to access the program. And since the interface is user friendly, it makes it simple to for employees to learn it.

We use this software to track the billable and non-billable hours. And it helps us control and understand the company's track to achieve our goals.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Rodrigo Alvarado
Business Process Analyst


... totally affordable solution for time-tracking!

Usability is actiTIME's major feature. We are absolutely satisfied with the product. It is a great and totally affordable solution for time-tracking!

Now, we have a better process control and the possibility to analyze customers profitability. actiTIME is a tool that helps us define pricing strategies.

Marketing Communications

Roberto Eskenazi
General Accounts Manager

Carlson Marketing Group

... makes the staff more responsible

Firstly, actiTIME is a good aid to our monthly financial reporting.

Secondly, it makes the staff more responsible knowing that there are being tracked down up to the last minute.

Brand Management & PR

Sanda Pastor


... nice reporting and project segmentation

It's a great tool for tracking time! What we like about actiTIME is its flexibility, nice reporting and project segmentation.

And what's more, actiTIME is a high-quality web application as we haven't seen any bugs yet.

Internet Marketing

Zach Stutzman
Project manager


... helps a lot in data analysis and client billing

actiTIME is pretty easy and understandable even for a layman. The app requires no big technical know-how. Simple user interfaces and stylish reporting became vital factor in making a decision on the application.

It helps us a lot in data analysis, client billing and international reporting. There has been a tremendously positive impact on the process since we've been using the product!

Advertising & Branding

Venkataraman Srinivasan
IT manager