Invoicing and Payroll Made Easy
With our robust integrator, you can pull your timesheet data to QuickBooks in a split-second and seamlessly sync your projects and tasks across the apps.
Accurate payroll & invoicing with QuickBooks time tracking
Simplify bookkeeping by integrating actiTIME with QuickBooks Online
Save time on accounting
QuickBooks Integrator offers an easy way to avoid double work and boost time efficiency. It simplifies payroll and fosters a more effective bookkeeping process overall.
Main Features
Import any time data from actiTIME into QuickBooks
Import specific time records
Select a custom date range and pick which users, customers, projects and tasks you’d like to import to QuickBooks.
Connect actiTIME with multiple QuickBooks accounts
Connect to multiple accounts
If you work with multiple QuickBooks environments, you can integrate them all and switch between them easily within the app.
Set preferable mapping rules
Configure preferable mapping rules
Flexible mapping settings let you link actiTIME projects and tasks to specific items and categories in QuickBooks.
Review import history
Review import history
The app keeps a detailed log of your import history. You can always go back and review what was imported and when.
Automatically sync actiTIME projects and tasks with QuickBooks data
Sync tasks in a flexible way
If your actiTIME projects or tasks don’t correspond with any existing items in QuickBooks, you can always create them during import.
Preview data before importing into QuickBooks
Preview data before import
actiTIME Integrator provides a detailed preview of everything you want to import to QuickBooks before the output of data itself.
How to Get Started?
Log in to your actiTIME account, locate the Add-ons button in the upper right corner of the app's interface and choose "Switch to Integrator" under QuickBooks description.
Press on "Connect to QuickBooks" and enter your login info in the pop-up window, sign in and click on the Connect button.
Select the data you would like to import.
Configure mapping rules.
Start your data import.
Watch this video to learn more about QuickBooks integration
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