Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the software requirements for actiTIME?

For actiTIME Online, only a browser is required. We recommend to use the recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Safari. For actiTIME Self-Hosted, please refer to the Administration Guide for more details on system requirements.

I have an old version of actiTIME. Is it supported?

The supported versions are actiTIME 2019 and later. If you have a 2.x or 3.x version, it is not supported any longer. We recommend that you upgrade your actiTIME. You can find out what version of actiTIME you’re using in the Help → About actiTIME menu.

You’re offering actiTIME Online and Downloadable. What is the difference between them?

actiTIME Online is a cloud installation of the product. It is provided on a subscription basis, i.e., you pay for a service period. The subscription fee includes all installation, upgrade, maintenance and troubleshooting works that are performed by actiTIME engineers. Your data is backed up daily, so it doesn’t get lost even if you delete something by mistake. actiTIME Self-Hosted is an on-premise solution – it is installed on the company’s internal server. It implies a one-time payment which includes all minor upgrades within the current version. Major upgrades are paid. All installation, backup, maintenance and troubleshooting works are supposed to be performed by the client’s own IT specialists. To check out the prices, please visit our pricing page and take a look at available options.

How do I install actiTIME on our own server?

actiTIME Self-Hosted starting from v2021.0 is installed using Docker containers. A Docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes everything needed to run an application: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings.

How does actiTIME Self-Hosted work?

actiTIME works similar to a website: you install it on one machine (actiTIME server), and users access it from their local computers. They only need a web browser and a local network connection to access actiTIME. For more details on how actiTIME works on the company’s internal server, take a look at our brochure. How actiTIME Self-Hosted works

How many users, customers, projects and tasks can actiTIME handle?

You can create unlimited number of users, customers, projects and tasks and store them in the system. If you’re going to work with large data amounts, we recommend that you choose MySQL database, not MS Access. Besides, MS Access has certain design limits and doesn’t work well in a multiuser environment.

Is actiTIME available in other languages?

actiTIME interfaces are available in English only. However, you can specify custom names for customers, projects, tasks and departments and enter names and descriptions for the time tracking hierarchy levels in any other language. This can be done in the Settings → General Settings → Naming menu.
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