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Create project scope, assign work to your team, record work hours and keep everything on track with the insightful data

Manage work assignments

Create project scope and assign it to the project teams, so that everyone knows what they should work on.

Always keep on top of your project’s activities and resources.

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Time tracking the way you like

Record work hours manually or use the timer available in the mobile app for more accurate data.

Get a full overview of what your staff is working on, identify any bottlenecks, and improve team’s efficiency.

Track work progress

Create a more agile and lean workflow with a highly visual Kanban board. See the project progress at a glance, collaborate easily and deliver work faster.

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Harvest the data

Run detailed reports on any aspect of your business. Review and analyze the data on project performance, employee output, profits and losses, and more.

Tune the product as you go

With several customization options available, actiTIME easily adapts to your specific work process.

Turn any features on or off as necessary, set up visibility levels, and create your own work structure.

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Enhance your experience with add-ons

To deliver even more power and value with actiTIME, we are offering:

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Seamless integration
with actiPLANS, absence
management software

Awesome mobile app for tracking
time on the go

Free timesheet app for tracking time on the go
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Integration with QuickBooks

Thousands of companies are using actiTIME for time tracking and work management

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