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The education industry is seeing the increasing digitalization trend. More and more educational businesses and institutions adopt actiTIME to streamline internal processes.

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“Easy-to-use solution for time & cost tracking”

actiTIME is an easy-to-use solution for time and cost tracking. We track user time spent on projects and then accurately apply costs. Since we adopted the software, we’ve never experienced any service interruptions. We would recommend using the system for about six months to see how easily it goes.

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“actiTIME covered all our needs with no hassle”

actiTIME covered all our needs and more. We benefit a lot from the software, including a more balanced workload and real-time overview of what others are working on.

I really recommend actiTIME. And I’m confident about it, because I’ve tested a lot of tools and have experience of using an in-house solution that required a lot of maintenance. Unlike other software, actiTIME covered all our needs with no hassle.

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“Saves us days of work”

actiTIME is an easy to use time tracking and reporting tool. It saves us days of work each month. We have been using it for years without any problem.

Every year, actiTIME adds new features and gets even better for us.

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“Winning combination of features”

We like actiTIME because of the winning combination of features: it is an easy-to-use web-based application with good reporting possibilities and transparent pricing. With actiTIME, we got necessary insight on hours spent across projects and the associated internal and external costs.

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“Your employees will thank you”

Super simple and very reliable tool. It allows you to enter time on the fly. It's very easy to use, reporting is simple and intuitive. I highly recommend using this software for both small and large teams. Your employees will thank you.