Time Tracking for Engineering and Manufacturing Firms

Engineering and manufacturing teams use actiTIME to track project progress, measure performance and improve decision making for better budgeting outcomes.

Favorite Features

Cost and revenue reports
Progress tracking
Work scope management

See What Engineering and Manufacturing Companies Say About actiTIME

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“Give it a try, you will be impressed”

We were most impressed with actiTIME's professional look and feel. The low entry price and its powerful features made it by far the best choice of time tracking software.

With actiTIME, we got a better idea of business profitability. You won’t find a better value for the price of this software: it is top-notch and its support team is very responsive. Give it a try, you will be impressed.

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“Attractive user interface… flexible structure”

actiTIME has an attractive user interface that allows our employees to record their time in an efficient manner. This way, they spend more time generating revenue and less time entering hours worked. actiTIME work structure, settings and permissions are also flexible enough to be customized to our unique requirements.

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“Better prediction of project requirements”

Our company was looking for a simple tool for tracking time spent on multiple projects – and actiTIME made a perfect fit. Above all, we enjoy Its simple interface and zero effort to maintain the system.

We use actiTIME for time management, task estimation and communicating task deadlines to our team members. The greatest benefit we’ve experienced is that actiTIME has greatly improved the accuracy of our project planning efforts.

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“Saves hours of time each week!”

We chose to go with actiTIME because it provides a simple interface where employees can easily log their working hours across activities and projects. We also use reports to produce payroll documentation and generate client billing for our professional services. This streamline process saves hours of time each week!

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“Helps to keep track of 200+ project deliverables”

Personally, I am involved in a number of projects where I’m required to keep track of more than 200 deliverables. actiTIME helps me not to lose track of time spent on each of these projects.

In fact, actiTIME is our global solution in R&D that we use to track time across projects. It’s easy to implement and has low infrastructure requirements.