How-To Videos

Learn how actiTIME works with our visual guide

In our series of how-to videos, we offer a brief guide on all major features available in actiTIME. If you’re new to actiTIME, this is an excellent place to start to get familiar with the application and see how everything works.


Product Tour

In this video we will walk you through the main actiTIME interfaces and show you the best way to get started.


Time-Track Basics

In this video, you’ll learn how to track your time in actiTIME, and how to see time-track results – individual and for your assigned team.


Initial Setup

This video explains how to configure the system, select the necessary functionality, and rename the default customer/project/task structure levels.


Work Assignments

This video will help you learn how to assign work to actiTIME users and control their access to specific customers, projects and tasks available in the system.


User Profiles

This video shows how actiTIME users can edit their profile information, change their password, and review their permissions and assignments.


User Permissions

This video breaks down the permissions available in actiTIME, and shows you how you can use permissions to control your users’ access to specific information and functionality of the application.


Reporting Overview

In this video you’ll see a general overview of different types of reports available in actiTIME.


Approvals & Locking

This video shows the approval and locking functionality of actiTIME in action, and demonstrates how you can review, edit, approve and lock your assigned users’ timesheets.



This video details the billing functionality of actiTIME, and shows how you can set up billing rates, assign them to tasks, and run reports with financial data.

If something is not clear in our videos or you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at