Time Tracking for Developers

Tech companies value actiTIME for hands-off approach to time tracking and accurate data-based insights packed in a simple and clean interface.

Favorite Features

Error-free billing and invoicing
Kanban board
Easy work scope management

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“Time tracker with customizable reporting”

One of the greatest features actiTIME offers is customizable reporting. We can generate virtually any report, grouped in different ways and only for the people assigned to specific projects. And if the report is not there, well, it's really easy to create a new one and save it for future use. actiTIME is simple, but also very powerful! You won't regret the decision. The software + support combination makes actiTIME the best tracking solution on the market.

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“Calculate employee bonuses, send out invoices”

We rely on employee time records to streamline our work processes. We use actiTIME reports to calculate software developers bonuses and billing clients. actiTIME saves up a lot of time for our managers because they don’t have to track and calculate this data on their own. Instead, actiTIME ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. actiTIME is a great choice for a more hands-off approach that doesn't require granular time tracking.

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“Better process, right data, easy management”

Our company benefits very much from using actiTIME. Every user is responsible for filling out their weekly timesheets. Their records are available any time, not only at the end of the month, so we can see how they spend their time.

With actiTIME we spend less time on timekeeping because we no longer need to copy and paste data from table to table, can build reports instantly in a few clicks and have accurate records for client invoicing.

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“Worth every penny”

actiTIME is an intuitive tool that is easy to navigate and master. It is web-based meaning it’s accessible from anywhere. No glitches or bugs for more than two year of use!

Since we implemented actiTIME, our company has grown from 30 employees to more than 100 and the number of projects has also increased. actiTIME turned out to be easily scalable to meet the needs of our growing company. We also enjoy fast time reporting and accurate cost calculations based on time tracking data.

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“A great web app and it does its purpose”

actiTIME is a good tool for estimating hours required to finish projects and then evaluating the real time spent on projects, especially if you track contractors’ hours. Its interface is really clear and easy to navigate. It's a great app and it does its job well!