Time Tracking for IT teams

Time Tracking for IT teams

If you have a distributed or multi-project team, it’s especially important to keep all the work in one place. actiTIME provides a single space to manage project scopes and track time expenses and costs, helping you improve efficiency and transparency of your IT projects.

With instant access to business data, managers can know exactly how everyone’s performing, refine the estimates and allocate resources the right way. actiTIME brings more visibility for all team members, starting from developers and team leads to accountants and CEOs.

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Nash Card
IT consulting company Nash Srl. improved resource allocation over multiple projects with actiTIME and forgot the spreadsheets like a bad dream.
Datamine Card
Datamine cut the cost of their time-tracking process by 7 times and improved their business intelligence by switching to actiTIME.
Intertalk Card
How hi-tech Canadian сompany uses actiTIME to receive R&D tax credits and improve project planning
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“Best time tracking software”

We have been using actiTIME for years. I like clean simple design and UI. Reporting tools are really easy to use and very efficient, I can get any report I need in just a few clicks.
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“Calculate employee bonuses, send out invoices”

Our work process is streamlined by having each user record their time. We calculate employee bonuses and send out invoices based on actiTIME input. actiTIME frees up management from having to track all this on their own, and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. actiTIME is great for a more hands-off approach that doesn't require granular tracking.
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“Billing services became easier”

Billing software development services became easier using actiTIME. Now we have information about the time we spend in R&D, the time we spend in support services, etc. I would definitely recommend actiTIME to other companies.
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“Customizable reporting”

One of the greatest features actiTIME offers is the customizable reporting. We can generate virtually any report we need, grouped in different ways and only for the people assigned to each project. And if the report is not there, well, it's really easy to create a new one and save it for future use. Go for actiTIME! It's simple, but also very powerful! You won't regret the decision. The software + support combination makes actiTIME the best tracking solution in the market.
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“Quality tool with a reactive support”

For us this is a quality tool with a reactive commercial support. The web interface seemed to be very well designed in term of ergonomic and clarity. actiTIME allows to have a fine granularity of task and also up-to-date tasks and projects list. I would say that for pure timesheet management, this is a very good tool.
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“Better overview of employees' attendance”

We decided to implement actiTIME in our company as it provides enough information that the company needs for monitoring employees and projects. It's not cluttered and very simple to use. To mention the changes, now we've got better overview of employees' attendance and projects progress.
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“Our clients love it too”

We implemented actiTIME over a weekend to our 26 staff and within a week everyone was up and running, allocating time with more granularity that should enable us to meaningfully report on activities performed over the life of projects. Our clients love it too, a big improvement on our manual timesheets.
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“Go ahead without any doubt”

actiTIME is a perfect solution for our workflow and that's the reason we have chosen it over others in the market. Now we are able to see and understand what is precisely happening inside our production and can take business decisions accordingly. Go ahead without any doubt!
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“A great app and it does its purpose”

It's a good tool for estimating the hours spent on projects and then evaluate the work done accordingly. Especially, for tracking contractor's hours. User interfaces are really clear and easy-to-use. It's a great app and it does its purpose!
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“Worthy choice to try”

It was intuitive choice, which offered us good usability and intuitive interface. We search the internet, looked for people comments and actiTIME seemed worthy choice to try. So we know we are happy that we use it. We ourselves are IT development and services company and we never had any complaints about the tool from our employees. And this we think is a good measuring criterion!
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“Very understandable & attractive”

100% sure actiTIME is very useful! Very understandable and attractive! It took few hours to learn different tools and possible features. Also, it took few minutes to train other employees how to use it. As a Key User I can notice, that it is very good developed system of controlling settings and users authorization levels, which is very helpful.
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“Better process, right data, easy management”

Our company benefits very much from using actiTIME. The tracking process is in charge of every single user. Tracking data is available day by day, not only at the end of each month, so we can have a better monitoring of entire time spending. No more copying data several times from one table to another, easy reports always available on time, correct data for invoicing. At a glance, better process, right data, easy management.
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“Good value for the money”

actiTIME is an intuitive and uncomplicated tool. It is web-based and thus, accessible from anywhere. No glitches or bugs for more than two year usage! Our company is operating in the IT industry. We are constantly growing in the number of employees (from 30 to more than 100) and the number of projects is increasing correspondingly. actiTIME gives us fast time reporting and accurate calculations on the basis of reports made.
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“Web-based… accessible from anywhere”

actiTIME supports us well in tracking our project efforts. It's quite easy to use and provides good value for the money.
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“Fully replaced a home-grown solution”

I find actiTIME to be much easier than other systems. It is also a good value for the price. It fully replaced a home-grown solution that was difficult to maintain and manage. actiTIME definitely makes most of the overhead a no-brainer. So long as it's centrally managed, it is very easy to keep time in proper boxes.
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“Useful application at a good price”

actiTIME is a useful application at a good price. I've been using it for nearly 2 years and it helped me cover most of the time tracking and reporting needs I have. It was reasonably easy to start – both for my colleagues who enter data but also for me and a few other managers who administer actiTIME and run reports.
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“Pragmatic design, affordable price”

Easy to use, nice and pragmatic design, affordable price! We noticed positive changes in controlling the employees' timesheet and preparing time & material invoices. The good thing about actiTIME is that you can start tomorrow and don't need days of training ship.