Your Key to Higher Work Flexibility
actiTIME Mobile helps you stay flexible and efficient no matter where you are. Use it to record working hours even when away from your desk, on the go or offline.
Run automatic timers
to increase data accuracy and enjoy an effortless time tracking process.
Track time spent with employee timesheet app
Main Features
Capture all hours spent with actiTIME mobile time tracker
Track all your time
Log time spent on tasks, adjust your overtime hours and manage leave requests in a convenient format.
actiTIME timer app
Use automatic timers
Launch a timer when you start to work on a task, stop it when you’re done.
Access time tracking reports in actiTIME timesheet app
Analyze your data
Configure your time tracking report in merely a few clicks and get a better insight into your work productivity.
Online and offline time tracking
Log hours offline
Track hours even if the internet connection is gone – the data will be synced with your corporate account whenever you’re back online.
How to Make Use of actiTIME Mobile?
actiTIME Mobile is available to every user with a functioning actiTIME Online account or Self-Hosted installation (starting from version 3.1).
actiTIME Mobile Timesheet from the App Store or Google Play.
Launch it on your mobile device.
Hit the Log In button
Enter your server address (the URL you’re using to access actiTIME via a web browser), your username and password.
Start to track time wherever you are.
Simplify hour tracking and boost your performance with the actiTIME timesheet app
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actiTIME time tracking app for Android and iOS
Use actiTIME to make the best out of time tracking
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