Simple Timesheet App for Employees

actiTIME Mobile is a simple mobile app for tracking your time on the go. It easily synchronizes with your corporate actiTIME account and allows your employees to submit work and leave time, manage tasks, and review timesheet data for different periods.

Main Features

Track Work & Leave Time

Enter time spent on different work assignments, adjust your overtime hours, track leave time

Use Timer for Entering Time

Launch the timer when you start working on a task, and stop it when you are ready, or submit time entries manually

Review Your Time-Track

Get a quick summary of your reported hours for the week or month

Track Time Offline & Sync Data Later

Record your time expenses even when you are offline – the app will sync the data when you are back online

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Compatible with iOS 10+
Google Play
Compatible with Android 5+

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

You can use actiTIME Mobile with both actiTIME Online and Self-Hosted (starting from version 3.1). Note that Self-Hosted installations are accessible via actiTIME Mobile from the same network where you can access actiTIME via web browser.

  • If you already have an actiTIME Online account or Self-Hosted installation

    1. Start actiTIME Mobile Timesheet on your mobile device.
    2. Select “Log In”.
    3. Enter your server address (the URL you’re using to access actiTIME via web browser) and your username & password.
  • If you don’t have an actiTIME account yet

    Sign up for a free trial

  • Tracking work time in mobile timesheet app

    To start tracking time, first select your tasks. You can add them to your timesheet from the previous day or from the list of all available tasks. Then just enter the time you have spent on them – or use a timer to automatically calculate your time expenses. You can also add comments to your time entries and review them later.

    worktrack worktrack
    worktrack worktrack
    worktrack worktrack
  • Tracking leave time in actiTIME Mobile

    Business trips, remote work and time off is when mobile time-tracking can help you the most. With mobile timesheet, you can easily record your leave time. Simply select the leave type, specify how long you’ll be away, and add it to your timesheet.

    leavetrack leavetrack
    leavetrack leavetrack
  • Reviewing submitted time-track

    actiTIME Mobile allows you to review your submitted time for a day, a week, or a month. You can get a full breakdown of reported hours including your work & leave time, as well as overtime. The status of your time-track (Approved or Locked) will be displayed as well.

    submit timetrack submit timetrack
  • Managing tasks in actiTIME Mobile timesheet app

    actiTIME Mobile features task management functionality. You can create, edit and delete tasks, set deadlines and time estimates.

    Note that this part of functionality is available to actiTIME users who have necessary work management permissions.


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