Best Time Tracking Software

Best Time Tracking Software

Everyone's business is different, and that means that each one chooses what works best for them. For thousand of companies, actiTIME is the best time tracking software that addresses all of their pain points.

actiTIME helps them streamline timekeeping, task management, payroll and billing processes, saving hours of work every day. See what our clients have to say about their experience with actiTIME.

Must-have tool for every business

See what our customers say about actiTIME

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“Best time tracking software”

We have been using actiTIME for years. I like clean simple design and UI. Reporting tools are really easy to use and very efficient, I can get any report I need in just a few clicks.
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“Helped us better manage our resources”

Professional software with an easy to use interface that encouraged our engineers to fill their time sheet on a daily basis. In addition to that, actiTIME helped us better manage our resources and know their past, present and future activities. Also, actiTIME helped us to generate reports for our clients showing time our engineers are spending per projects.
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“Got a hold of how we are doing against our estimates”

We just started using actiTIME to record time for certain project categories to get a hold of how much time and money are spent on projects and how we are doing against our estimates.
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“Saves a lot of effort in project administration”

If you want a simple straightforward time registration system then actiTIME will fit your purpose. It was relatively easy to start working with actiTIME as well. Now it saves a lot of time and effort in our project administration.
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“Tracking projects with minimal effort”

Use it. actiTIME has a simple interface and all the needed functionality. The learning curve is small so you can be up and running right away and have the tracking for your projects with minimal effort. With its help we now have a more granular overview of where people book their time
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“Simple, light weight, cost effective”

After implementing actiTIME we are able precisely measure the difference of efforts estimated during project planning and actual efforts required for the task. actiTIME has helped us a lot in streamlining our time tracking in very cost effective manner. If you want simple, light weight, cost effective application for time tracking you must go for actiTIME.
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“Great experience”

We love the ease of use, flexibility, informative reports and charts. Thanks for providing a great product. Support team always deliver great experience.
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“Go ahead without any doubt”

actiTIME is a perfect solution for our workflow and that's the reason we have chosen it over others in the market. Now we are able to see and understand what is precisely happening inside our production and can take business decisions accordingly. Go ahead without any doubt!
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“Nice reporting and project segmentation”

It's a great tool for tracking time! What we like about actiTIME is its flexibility, nice reporting and project segmentation. And what's more, actiTIME is a high-quality web application as we haven't seen any bugs yet.
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“Meets all our needs perfectly”

We have tried several time tracking software, actiTIME meets all our needs perfectly. We can track time from anywhere and be sure that our data is safe. With the mobile app, it’s even possible to track time offline.
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“The best option”

I’ve used actiTIIME at my previous company and always enjoyed it. When it came to choose time-tracking software for my new team, actiTIME was still the best option.
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“Gives us very accurate information”

Certainly I would recommend actiTIME. It's a nice product. Very simple for employees, has the reporting structure I require. actiTIME gives us very accurate information for applying for tax credits and grants us a legacy of data for estimating.
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“actiTIME solved all problems with no hassle”

I found in actiTIME all the requirements I was looking for. We are getting a lot of benefit – the tool enables us to better balance workload, have constant view of what people are doing. I really recommend it, I evaluated a lot of tools, also had an in-house development before which demanded a lot of maintenance, and actiTIME solved all problems with no hassle.
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“Helps a lot in data analysis and client billing”

actiTIME is pretty easy and understandable even for a layman. The app requires no big technical know-how. Simple user interfaces and stylish reporting became vital factor in making a decision on the application. It helps us a lot in data analysis, client billing and international reporting. There has been a tremendously positive impact on the process since we've been using the product!
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“Invaluable to our organization”

The ease of use and reporting features have been invaluable to our organization. It's intuitive design means that training new employees is minimal, and it's leave time tracking makes managing employees' leave time efficient. Customer service has been quick to respond to both our questions and suggestions for future upgrades. Our Company has used actiTIME for two years and will continue to use this product.