Time Tracking Software for Architects and Constructors

time-tracking software for architects and constructors

actiTIME makes it easy for architects and constructors to manage tasks, time expenses, and costs — all in one place. You get a detailed overview of how your business is performing, starting with an early concept design to the final stage of an architectural or construction project.

Detailed reports help you understand the costs for provided services, know the exact billable hours, and determine whether a project is profitable or not.

See what our customers say about actiTIME

Anderman Architects logo for actiTIME review

“Intuitive and streamlined”

I'll recommend the software, especially for architectural business like ours – the solution seems to be intuitive and streamlined, the learning curve is modest and the product works as you expected. Web-based interface is a big plus as well – very easy and very simple!
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“Simple and solid”

Great, simple and solid. Just what we need to get a solid grip of our work and projects. All new employee can use it instantly.
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“Intelligent solution for time billing”

Don't waste your time with expensive bloated software. This program is an intelligent solution for time billing. It took me a few minutes to install and start using, unlike the other software packages that I tried. Now we account for all time spent. We can easily print reports, add new customers and control project billing. actiTIME is very easy to administer and add new projects as they arise. Staff find it very simple to use as well and as a result I have no complaints from anyone.
Halliday logo for actiTIME review

“Incredible piece of software”

I would just like to say what an incredible piece of software it is – precisely what we have been in need of and more. The simple and easy-to-use nature of actiTIME combined with its powerful information generating tools are ideal for our company purposes. Obviously the fact that the light version is free to use is a major advantage too! I'm looking forward to the continued use of actiTIME, keep up the good work!
Mecca logo for actiTIME review

“Perfect… affordable… stable…”

Though actiTIME does not replace high-end booking solutions, it is a perfect, affordable, stable and convenient solution for time tracking and reporting. With actiTIME our company has benefited in multiple aspects and gained much better stability. actiTIME provides fast project reporting, easy adding of extra clients/projects/tasks, real-time evaluation of estimated/actual times consumed, multiple simultaneous team access over internet browser by users.
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“Integrated well into your business process”

actiTIME is very robust, integrated well into your business process, and most important, helps you focus on your business instead of monkeying around with technology. actiTIME was extremely easy to install, configure to our business needs and move to production. We've also noticed positive changes in the work process. actiTIME has reduced our payroll processing from 4-6 hours per week to 45 minutes per week.
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“This program exceeds expectations!”

If you are considering a time and project management program, this is the one to choose. This program exceeds expectations! The flexibility of project and task description made this program work for my consulting business. IT department is not even necessary to make the program useful. The goal of getting paid is my prime use of the program. So, when it comes for billing, actiTIME helps to get the job done quickly and accurately. If I were to write the software myself, it would look just like this!