Time Tracking Software
for Architects

actiTIME allows businesses to manage projects, costs, teams and clients in a single place and save on bloated overpriced architecture and construction software

Favorite Features

Effortless job costing
Accurate client billing
Project performance review

See What Architecture and Construction Companies Say About actiTIME

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“Easy to implement into environment of an architectural firm”

actiTIME is robust time tracking software that seamlessly integrates into your business processes, and, most importantly, helps you focus on your business instead of monkeying around with technology.

The software was extremely easy to implement and configure to our business needs. actiTIME has significantly enhanced most of our work processes e.g. it reduced our payroll processing from 4-6 hours to 45 minutes per week.

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“Don't waste your time on overpriced solutions”

This time tracking software is an intelligent solution for capturing billable time. It took me a few minutes to set up, unlike other software packages that I’ve tried.

Now we account for all billable hours. We can easily print reports, add new customers and control project billing. actiTIME is very easy to administer and allows us to add new projects as they arise. Our staff finds it very simple to use as well – I have absolutely no complaints from anyone.

Halliday logo for actiTIME review

“Solid business time tracker with analytics tools”

actiTIME is precisely what we’ve been looking for and more. The simple and easy-to-use nature of the software combined with its powerful analytics features makes it perfect for our company purposes.

Obviously, the fact that actiTIME offers a free version is a major advantage too! I'm looking forward to using actiTIME long term. Keep up the good work!

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“Time tracking app that exceeds expectations”

If you are looking for time and project management software, this is the one. actiTIME exceeds all expectations! The flexibility of project and task management aligns perfectly with the needs of my consulting business.

actiTIME doesn’t require any maintenance. I use it for client billing and it gets its job done quickly and accurately. If I were to write the software myself, I would build an exact copy of this one!

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“Convenient and affordable business solution”

actiTIME is an affordable and easy-to-use business software for time tracking, business analytics and reporting. With actiTIME, our company has benefited in multiple aspects and gained much better stability.

We particularly enjoy how flexible and user-friendly this solution is: we use the clients - project - tasks structure and frequently manage items inside it, which is very easy. actiTIME also provides great analytics tools, including a real-time scale of task estimated vs spent time displayed in the timesheet.